39 - Straight

Kent, United Kingdom

Aug 17, 2022 17:48

Hi I'm Alex...
(In short)…

Space Engineers, Noita, Rimworld, Deus Ex (All), Elder Scrolls/Skyrim, Portal (All), Command & Conquer, Fallout (All), The Long Dark, Sunless Sea, Minecraft, SimCity… The list is endless, but a lot of games that have some kind of building or crafting.

Although I do appreciate a lot of different types of music, if I was to put anything on it probably would be metal…
Fear Factory, The BerZerKer, Pantera, Sepultura, Rob Zombie, Static-X, Rammstein, Slipknot, KoRn, Devil-Driver, Alec Empire, Marilyn Manson, System Of A Down,
Again the list is endless…
Been to a lot of festivals between 2000-2010, none since thou but hopefully again one day and will need some new friends to go with now.
Seen everyone above, some a few times, and many many more…
But due to festivals sometimes having unusual acts I’ve also seen Eminem, D12 and Tom Jones.

Worked in a few labs and quite knowledgeable in many areas but never actually specified so have a lot of gaps.

Thou I’d like to quit smoking I don’t really plan on quitting cannabis, so in a bit of a stalemate there.

I dream of getting into space, building ships, stations and an entire empire, then I guess living forever somehow so I can then explore space… some details still need working out.

Movies + TV:-
Star Trek, The Expanse, The walking dead, Terminator films, Predator films, John Wick, Lord of the Rings, The Marvel & DC Superhero films, The one, The Raid, Equilibrium, The fifth element… another endless list
Almost anything set in space. And I like action, horror, fantasy, sci-fi and cartoon movies, but will give most things a go when in the mood.

So I like cartoon too, western, anime, manga, whatever, the more unusual the more interesting… and yes, kids shows as well as adult stuff… some include…
Knights of Sidonia, Wakfu, Voltron, Adventure Time, Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, Southpark, Futurama, Drawn Together, The Venture Brothers, Metalocolypse.

I do love putting things together and actually making something, card, matchsticks, wood, metal, electrical, delicate, precise, pre-cut or whatever… but don’t really like painting :/

If you can’t tell by now, I can write a lot, if I send a message it’s always longer than it needs to be, hopefully not too long thou… I have tried to write a book/novel, still have it to work on but rarely in the mood atm.

I do enjoy drawing and do sketch and doodle quite often, but I don’t consider myself very good but I can never take a compliment anyway.

Tech toys:-
Gadgets and hi-tech things fascinate me, want them all but can’t afford them all… But ranges from RC drones, telescopes

Currently studying a degree (BA) in Design Engineering… you know so I can just make a space empire just like that haha...

Generally one kick ass mother f**ker... If I do say so myself

(Now for the long version with personality, continue if you like…)

Hello everyone, I'm Alex.

[Like half of everyone on here, I don't like writing about myself but have to give it a go at some time]
So... Hi, I'm Alex. My names Alexander, but like to be called Alex, Not Al either, just Alex.
I'm 39 and live in Bexley, in the South-East corner of England.
[Like a lot of Brits I hate what the country has become but don't know of anywhere better. Seriously given up with all that 'patriotism' s**t and hope things get better but 'I'm OUT'!! Planning on leaving as soon as I can]

I'm used to be a scientist, thou I lost my lab at the end of 2018... So if you have one going spare hehe seriously even some equipment I'm constantly wondering 'why?' about stuff and finding out the answers, that is science, I've always just done it out of habit...
But now I’m changing career to become a design engineer and make some epic things, fingers crossed that was a wise move…
Been on a massive Space kick thou recently. I’m determined to get involved with it in some way.

I play PC and Xbox (not so much Xbox anymore), watch TV and films, write stories, draw pictures, plan/design/build things, grow things, a bit of cooking.

I like archery, snowboarding, the snow, animals, space, science, a lot of outdoor activities; camping, paint-balling, craft stuff... Zombies, comic's/manga/anime… Not that I can do some of these thing anymore but I’d like to try if I can.

I like to have a laugh obviously.

Want to skydive, deep-sea dive, sail a ship, explore the world, become an action star, own my own laboratory, ride my own horse, shoot something from 3km away, plan a heist, get the girl and ride off into the sunset, survive the zombie apocalypse and walk away from an explosion WITHOUT looking back Haha

And of course I like my music, my tastes have broadened a lot as I've grown. When in my teens it was all about the metal. Now I still love it, but realize it has its place and occasionally something else works better.

Been to so many gigs, I did make a list and will try to get it on here. Thank god festivals used to be cheaper and a lot better, less diligently organized and less secure, and more personal shows

I do smoke cigarettes and keep saying I want to quit.
I also smoke not cigarettes too and don't want to rally quit... hence the stale-mate.

I defiantly don't like...

In fact a lot of bugs and insects. They are a good way of freaking me out.
Dramas and musicals (BUT I will put up with them).
Organized religion – it’s commendable but such a waste of time, money, energy and human life… we could be so much further.
Politics – They are all just lying cheating stuck up money grabbling d**ks, enough said.
Sports games...
Frankly dislike a lot of sports... however some occasionally get me.
Cities (I'm a country person... You could say I want to take that further...OhhHhHhhh).
Find typical general public pretty rubbish too So glad I'm not just another one of them.
I’m not a massive fan of reading as I find it quite hard work and not very enjoyable, BUT I have a good reason for this; ask if you want to know. It's NOT just me being lazy or stupid.

(Feel very like I'm writing a personal statement for a job application now but I'll push through)

I always try or want to give a real feel of who I am through these sites.
Unfortunately I know this is almost impossible online.
All I can really do is try and hope you get some kind of impression from my writing.

Soooo…. I don't sit there chatting away filling the air with noise. But I do think a lot (it's surprising you can't hear all that going on) and even if I don't answer you straight away the though is in process and my brain comes out with a lot of gold a lot of the time. So I generally sit back and process what I've just been told and then do my best to continue the conversation...

I like to think I'm pretty wise but any wise man would say it is wise to know you are not wise, keeps you on your toes basically.

I'm quite mystical or spiritual considering how into science I am, I like to think everything is, has been, and will be possible, but it's all got to have some minor semblance of logic to me.

I dream of our species sorting it out, saving our own planet and treating it properly (we have the technology, we can rebuild her, make her stronger, faster... Ok, not faster but we could make a utopia now.
But getting into space is our true destiny in my belief. We know so much and so little and in space the broadness of your imagination can infinitely expand. I tried out for the Mars-one mission but didn't make it onto the second phase. I will still be proud to see when I'm an old man, rockets frequently leaving and entering the planet because we've done it.

Ok, thou I still don't feel I've managed to express my personality at all well, I feel I should consign to defeat and give up. Ranted on enough by now. Maybe it worked, maybe it hasn't, you tell me?

Anyway, that’s definitely enough for now… Probably said too much and doomed myself anyway but least I’m being honest and I’m sure someone will find this interesting at least.

Now if So thanks for reading, well done if you read it all.
And if you ever want to chat, ask a question, philosophize, help, message me up.

You’ve read this far you should message so you’re not the one doing all the work hehe, so speak soon



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