34 - Straight

Oost Vlaanderen/Gent, Belgium

Nov 18, 2022 21:40

Hi there all, I'm an alternative 2 punk emo guy depending on what style I'm most fond off at the moment. Currently my hair is white/blue. But I might shave the sides, idk, I just want my hair to grow longer so I can really have nice emo hair again, even tho I'm 32 now I still love the style, you can never get too old for it. In my head I'm still 20. Haven't accomplished much in live but working on it. Currently what I'm missing is.... obviously I miss having a girlfriend and it would be so nice to finally find someone fitting me. Just a loner dottie, a rebel.

Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, cuz just like in a game of Chess, the Queen protects the King.
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