27 - Straight

Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Aug 9, 2022 21:49

Thank you for passing by and welcome.

Bios are not my strength. The best you can do if you wanna know something is ask.
Anyway, I took some time to write this "concise" text so, given the case you wish to write, you'll know exactly what to expect:

— First of all, an advise free of charge: Manage your expectations. I'm an average guy with an average life.
— I'm basically a version of Daria Morgendorffer, but with different gonads and Spanish as my native language. If you haven't seen Daria yet, you should.
— Quiet, not a big fan of unnecessary physical contact or crowded places, and most of times, bluntly honest. People around me often say I'm a good listener, so I guess there's some truth in that.
— Legend says I'm cold most of the time. I prefer to say I dose my warmness cautiously.
— I'm a night owl since sleeping has never been my cup of tea.
— Fan of horror, gore, fantasy, videogames, anime, the written word, roleplay tabletop games, other kind of roleplays (yes, you know what I'm talking about, don't play the innocent), food and of course, music.
— I guess you could say I'm a nerd?
— The official titles my friends gave me is "Lich King of whipping fingers", "Primordial Chaos" and "Herald of Absolute Evil".
— My sense of humour has tones of sarcasm and tends to be acid, so please be aware of it.
— I love animals, but I'm not a big fan of humans. That includes those little humans addressed as "children".
That doesn't mean we can't be friends if you have children, just to make that clear. But it means you probably shouldn't leave me alone to take care of them, at least not if you value their existence.
— Winter is my natural habitat.
— I don't do any kind of drugs or smoke. I'm not fond of alcohol, but I drink occasionally with friends.
— According to the Myers-Briggs test, I'm an INTP-A (Logic-Assertive) type. Sometimes it labels me as an INFP type though, which is curious.
— I'm the owner of an extensive mental database of random knowledge. Mostly useless.
— I identify myself as demisexual. If you don't know what that is, you can always look for some info.
— Kink friendly and yes, I'm into some things, like everyone else is. If you want to know more you'll have to figure that out for yourself.
— I don't like to take pictures of myself or to be pictured by others, so don't ask for pictures of me all the time. You won't get anywhere. If our relationship develops enough, I might open myself a bit more to the possibility of sending some more.
— People often label me as a pessimistic person. I don't think so myself. I like to keep things realistic and sometimes reality can be harsh, that's all.
— I'm nicer than I look/sound like. I think.
— This is not gonna work if you're one of those people whose notion of a dialogue consists on being asked and answer questions, with no development beyond that.
This is supposed to be a conversation, not an interrogation.
— I'm probably not in the best moment to start a relationship. Right now my life is a lot more unstable than I'd like it to be, so it makes everything more complicated than it should be. But if you're stubborn and want to approach me with that possibility in mind, I won't stop you. Though I must recommend you not to, I'm sure you have better options.
Friendships are always welcome, of course.

That's all I can think about me for now. If by any reason you're still interested, you know what to do. If you're not, well, doesn't really matter cause you probably haven't read this far.

You can leave a wink if you don't feel capable of writing a first letter for being too shy or not knowing what to write. I'd ask for a meme, but this site doesn't manage pictures in chats.

----- End of communication -----