26 - Straight

Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Oct 16, 2021 09:32

Thank you for passing by and welcome.

Bios are not my strength. The best you can do if you wanna know something is ask.
Anyway, I took some time to write this "concise" text so, given the case you wish to write, you'll know exactly what to expect:

— First of all, I'm quite average on any aspect of life you could imagine, so manage your expectations.
— I'm basically a version of Daria Morgendorffer, but with different gonads and Spanish as my native language. If you haven't seen Daria yet, you should.
— Quiet, not a big fan of unnecessary physical contact and most of times, bluntly honest. People around me often say I'm a good listener, so I guess there's some truth in that.
— Legend says I can be quite cold most of the time. I prefer to say I dose my warmness cautiously.
— I'm a night owl, so no matter where you're living, if you write you'll probably find me awake burning my retinae at a screen.
— Even though I go out from time to time, I'm more a homebody.
— Fan of horror, gore, fantasy, videogames, anime, the written word, roleplay tabletop games, food and of course, music. Mostly rock, metal and their subgenres; but I can go from that to classical easily.
— I am a nerd and I'm proud of that.
— The official titles my friends gave me is "King Liche of whipping fingers" and "Herald of Absolute Evil".
— My humour has tones of sarcasm and is mostly acid/dark, so please be aware of it in case you're not able to tolerate it. Expect a lot of banter and puns from this side.
— I love animals, but I'm not a big fan of humans. That includes those little humans addressed as "children".
That doesn't mean we can't be friends if you have children, just to make that clear.
— I have a special connection with the Moon. I also appreciate the rain and winter. Summer sucks and you can't change my mind.
— I don't do any kind of drugs or smoke. I'm not fond of alcohol, but I drink occasionally with friends.
— According to the Myers-Briggs test, I'm an INTP-A (Logic-Assertive) type.
— I'm the owner of a quite extensive mental database of random knowledge. In 99% scenarios, that "random" equals to "absurdly useless".
— Kink friendly and demisexual, so a bit of patience is most appreciated. Into the (BDS)M aspect of life. D/s, which one I am is up to you to find out.
— Hail, Sithis!
— Proud member of the Slytherin House.
— I don't like to take pictures of myself or to be pictured by others, so don't ask for pictures of me all the time. If I feel we've developed the relationship enough, I'll share some with you.
— People often label me as a pessimistic person. I don't think so myself. I like to keep things realistic and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. Keep it in mind.
— Probably not your relationship goal. Whoever you are trust me, you deserve something better so give your best, I support you. Friendship are recommended.
— This is not gonna work if you're one of those people whose notion of a dialogue consists on being asked and answer questions, with no development beyond that.
This is supposed to be a conversation, not an interrogation.

That's all I can think about me for now. If by any unexplainable reason you're still interested, you're invited to leave a message. If you're too shy to start a conversation, have trouble being social or simply don't know how to start, let me know with a wink or a song you like.

I know it wasn't an interesting lecture, but I've warned you from the beginning, didn't I?

May the blessings of the Moon always be with you.