24 - Straight

Madrid, Spain

Jul 3, 2020 14:35

I'm not really good with this "Describe yourself" sections, so the best you can do if you want to know something about me is asking. Anyways, I'll try to give you some facts that will (hopefully) help you create an idea of the type of person I am:

— I'm a quiet guy, not a big fan of unnecessary physical contact and most of times, bluntly honest. People around me often say I'm a good listener, so I guess there's some truth in that.
— I'm a night owl, so no matter where you're living, if you write you'll probably find me awake. Also, I'm always up to have some good deep, philosophical conversation; especially during nights.
— Fan of horror and gore, fantasy, videogames, anime, the written word and of course, more than anything, music.
— The official titles my friends gave me is "King Liche of whipping fingers" and "Herald of absolute Evil"
— My humour has tones of sarcasm and is mostly acid/dark, so please be aware of it in case you're not able to tolerate it. I assure you I'm not here to fault anyone's respect.
— I love animals. Not a big fan of humans, though. That includes those little humans called children.
— I don't do any kind of drugs, nor smoke or drink.
— Demisexual.
— According to the Myers-Briggs test, I'm an INTP type.
— Hail, Sithis!

With this short clues, I hope you're able to build an idea of this guy. You're of course, more than invited to leave a message! If you're too shy to start a conversation, just let me know with a wink. After all, it's not like everyone is good at first steps, right?

May the blessings of the Moon always be with you.

TEMPORARY UPDATE: I'm not going through the best moment of my life right now, so please forgive me if I take some time to answer. I'm doing my best.



Age: 23 / straight



Age: 26 / straight