24 - Straight

Langham Place, Hong Kong

May 19, 2019 04:39

Hi, my name is Meirose
I enjoy traveling to different places to explores temples, museums and the scenery. My favorite places have to be Singapore, Tokyo, and Seoul. I like to collect things from traveling and personal interests , a collection of snow globes, crystals and figurines from different anime. Piercings and tattoos fascinate me. When i can, i'd also attend concerts just enjoying the music and getting to see the bands live! A few of my favorite bands would be One Ok Rock, Cross faith, Dir En Grey and Maximum the Hormone.
Traveling to Hong Kong and Taiwan in May.
Met my favorite band One Ok Rock also got to meet my best friend Kathrine
Saw Crystal Lake and met Yudai & Shinya
The Gazette is playing New York May 6th
Goal set for this and next year: Harry Potter world and Trip to Japan during Cherry blossoms 🌸
Tattoo: 2
Currently in Taipei, Taiwan. Going to Hong Kong soon ❤️