31 - Bi

Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Aug 15, 2019 08:52

indie/grunge/emo but I have an eclectic music taste. I'm creative. spiritual. a bit of a neo hippy.i'm a very good listener, open minded and like to help people. I'm very giving, loving, caring, quirky, loyal, maybe a bit too honest and trustworthy. Humour IS my personality, along with a fair amount of eccentricity A.K.A crazy. I like to make people happy. my biggest ambition is to try to heal the world one broken soul at a time but I'm still feisty, I have fire in my belly and a love of fun. I've been told I'm very funny. sarcastic, witty and a little bit twisted lol. I love to laugh and I'm a natural flirt.
I don't do shallow and superficial anything. I have many sides and facets to my personality​. I am no 2 dimensional person lol. My personality is very colourful ^_^ but also very complex. You will never figure me out so don't try, you will only drive yourself insane lol.

i'm a hot mess of falling on my arse (literally and metaphorically) and "SJ moments".
procrastination is my superpower haha!
i'm also a very deep soul and introverted. My mind is always thinking and contemplating, exploring new ideas and concepts. Learning new things, especially to do with the human psyche fascinates me. People fascinates me. The universe and nature also ignite my soul.
i love to explore and go on adventures. My next big adventure will be a photography project with my best friend, its more an excuse to explore the country together and take pretty pictures in the process lol!
I love people who also have a mind of their own and like to think deeply.

I play an unhealthy amount of Sudoku haha! I'm always researching, reading and feeding my curious mind.
And almost always have my earphones in listening to music, sometimes I keep my earphones in with no sound just for the peace and quiet lol!
I've fairly recently started to learn to play guitar. Something ive always wanted to do and i've finally given myself the much needed kick up the arse. It has now become a huge passion of mine. i love nothing more than to chill in the evenings with Betty (my guitar) and a mug of green tea or a beer.
One day I will also learn fire dancing, another big passion of mine. I have a strange fascination with fire. There's just something very primal, powerful, sensual and sexual about it but at the same time elegant, gentle and beautifully awe inspiring. (Both the dance and the fire)
i like to socialise, meet new people and have new experiences, when money permits of course.

being creative, having an excellent and overly vivid imagination, empathetic and a high emotional intelligence its fair to say im good at most of the arts, and crafts.
as you can tell im also pretty good at writing alot lol! and articulate in expressing my thoughs, opinions, feelings and perspectives.
i really dislike this whole 'big yourself up to sell yourself' thing so im gonna leave that there and let you decide what you consider me to be good at for yourselves lol!

Movies: i love psychological thrillers and anything that makes you think and challenges our perspectives.
top 10 films consist of: Magnolia, White Orleanda, Vanilla Sky, Being John Malkovich, Girl Interrupted, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Withnail And I, What We Do In The Shadows, Let The Right One In and Pans Labyrinth
i also love old skool horror, LOVE vampire films, fantasy, marvel films, cheesy 80's teen cult classics like the Breakfast Club and Weird Science etc., and of course 90's classics such as Wayne's World, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, The Crow and (although technically 1989) Bill And Ted

Books: with book i like anything i can learn anything new from and fantasy mostly. my favourite series its the old kingdom series by Garth Nix. There is pretty much a running theme through all this so i'll save you reading time and say the TV series' i watch run along the same lines as the books i read and films i watch.
For music taste see my list.

Food: i am so easy with food its unreal lol! Though i have started my adventures in to veganism recently (please don't shoot me haha!) for health and fitness reasons as well as mainly environmental and humane reasons. i am not fully vegan yet though. ;-P
with food much like everything else in life i love spice, flavour, variety, colour, joy, liveliness and passion. i love to cook for people and see the enjoyment on their faces. I really like Mexican food, Chinese and traditional hearty rustic English food that brings back those warm, nostalgic feelings from my youth. i'm lucky enough to have a chef as a dad

I spend a lot of time thinking About the universe and all things in it, my mind is ALWAYS thinking.
Mostly about how I can better the lives of others, especially children and the vulnerable who suffer most in this world. How I can reduce my own negative impact on the world. How I can continue to improve and be a better mother to my children. And how I can generally be a better human being all round.
How i'm gonna raise enough money to do this life coaching course and achieve my own dream of being a life coach so i can reach and help as many people as possible live out their passions and heal their wounds. I get so fired up and passionate about people talking about their passions. i love deep and meaningful conversations with special souls that make me think and question.
I also get alot of random wierd thoughts because I'm a strange and curious being lol.

The Most Private Thing I’m Willing to Admit about myself, besides from being an over grown woman child who's obsessed with unicorns, stars, rainbows and cats (and my nerf guns :'-) ), is i don't wear panties :'-) hahaha! (i did warn you i was too honest lol) i see no point in them, its just another thing we all do because society tells us to. its so much more freeing without. plus its one less garment to put on in the morning lol! im an open book so there isnt really anything off the table if anyone wants to ask me things. i usually blurt things out anyways lol!

My favourite thing in the world is to snuggle up on the sofa with the other half, Chinese takeaway or pizza, nibbles and hot chocolate with marshmallows (or wine depending on my mood) watching a film. I'd love to be able to do that again.

You Should Message Me If
You like cats.
You can handle abit of crazy or you yourself are abit unusual or quirky. (I like unusual people and things)
You have a good sense of humour.
you have abit of spark and life to you
You're a caring and understanding person
You have artistic /creative /musical talents (not really important but a good starting topic maybe)
You're a genuine and nice person with integrity really. Integrity is everything to me and definitely the most important thing on that list, along with a sense of humour.

if you've made it through this mammoth essay congratulations! ^_^ you have won *drum roll*.. nothing! you have won nothing :'-) , but the sweet relief in knowing the chances are high you probably don't have ADHD hahaha! you're welcome happy hunting peeps ^_^



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