27 - Straight

Syddanmark, Denmark

Nov 6, 2015 23:42

Hello, welcome.
I don't really have much to say, since I'm bad at these things. Best way to get to know me is just though conversations.
For starters, I'm not here to look for a relationship. I am here to find new friends, new people to talk to and stuff like that.
I am weird in all the wrong ways when around the right company, take that as you wish haha.
I got problems meeting new people and opening up not just physically but over text.
But when i gather enough courage i do it. It is a battle each time. *Hurray, small victory yet again* hehe.
I enjoy the quite life since party and stuff like that is not really my thing, yet it still happens occasionally.
I don't do many things on a normal day because i love living the lazy life, of course i do what i have to but that is all there is to it.
On a daily basis i play a wide verity of games, watch a lot of anime, talk to my weird friends, work/school and whatever come along.
Everything related with star wars gets me hyped, doesn't matter if it is a movie, series, cartoon or game. Everything related is just awesome.

I am trying to get into drawing, but whenever i draw something i just end up throwing it away and never showing it to anyone.
So far they are not good enough to be shown... One day, it will happen!