44 - Bi

Ont., Canada

Oct 21, 2013 19:23

It's bloody hard for an introverted, perverted, elder-goth/post-goth, misanthropic starving artist to find a relationship. I'm getting sick of casual dating and one night stands. It's fun and all, but I need more now.

I'm a painter who's too socially anxious to show her work, but give me a stage and some tassels, and I'll be tearing off my clothes before you can say Lily St.Cyr. I grew up on classical ballet, and love a chance to do some not-at-all classic burlesque. I love acting, and rue the fact that my vocal range is far too low for a female in musical theatre. I want to write, but am currently blocked for some reason.

I'm heavily into ****; in fact I worked as a Pro-Domme for the better part of a decade. Vanilla sorts need not apply, as I can't be happy in a monogamous, vanilla relationship. I'm an extremely switchy sort, who would love to meet a fellow switch, especially one who's into dressing up, rope, and roleplay.

Subculturally speaking, I don't much look terribly Gothic these days unless I'm going out. I still listen to almost as much Cure, Sisters, Nick Cave, Puppies, and Miranda s*x Garden as I ever have, but I've come to prefer dressing more practically. I have nothing left to prove at this point. My day to day uniform is black jeans, black shirt, dark hair in a braid or bun, and the comfiest shoes/boots I can lay hands on. If you've spent as much time in either pointe shoes or stiletto heels as I have, you'll understand why.

I dream of running a beautiful, spooky art gallery one day, and I've always wanted to live in a haunted house.

My current obsessions are shipwrecks, Breaking Bad, and Molly, the sweet kitten who picked me to be her person at the Humane Society.
The Royal Ontario Museum is possibly my favourite place in the world, though that might change if I ever get the chance to dive the Titanic or the Bismark.
I am a bibliovore, and a proud nerd, as opposed to a pop-culture "geek". I seriously haven't seen that internet meme you're laughing about, but if you want an entertaining account of the history of syphilis, or the known facts about nearly any serial killer, I'm your gal. My favourite movies are Ringu and Repo.

Ice cream is absolutely necessary for my survival.