32 - Straight

Massachusetts, United States

Dec 14, 2021 06:03

alright so i'm just kind of a guy right
like im sure that every dating profile kind of reads the same at this point
here are the hobbies im willing to admit to having
here are my favorite bands that are cool right now
here are some pictures of me and someone elses dog
oh and im 7 feet tall

usually they have exactly one quirk
maybe they try the country boy angle and have an album of photos fishin and huntin with the boys
maybe theres some aggressively sarcastic bit about how you dont deserve them at their best
or you wont like them when they havent had their coffee
occasionally you get the particularly pretentious fellow who thinks himself clever for typing the entire thing without capitals or punctuation
like some sort of ee cummings fanboy
that guy almost assuredly has got a scarf on in his profile pic

am i particularly different from that
well id sure like to think so i mean
i think of myself as earnest
wearing my heart on my sleeve
and i think of these other guys as vapid
puffing out their red breasts
but the truth of the matter is that were all just folk
unsure of ourselves
tired of falling asleep alone
were all doing our best here
but weve all been taught not to just walk up to each other and say hi

which is ridiculous

and weve all decided not to tell each other the truth about our interests and pretend not to be passionate about what awakens us

which is likewise ridiculous

so im trying a different tact here
i like chemistry and food and food chemistry and using these things to express myself through food and also to ingratiate myself to people by feeding them and
i like roleplaying games like d&d and larp and args and using these things to express myself through the exploration of another characters psyche and
i like playing acoustic guitar and singing as loud as i can and though i do kind of a s**t job of hitting the notes you can tell i mean every word of it and
i like comedy and podcasts and standup and television and studying what makes people laugh and
i like watching your eyes light up when you talk about that thing that youre passionate about and
i like pausing in the middle of s*x to crack up about that silly noise i just made and the goofy face you just pulled holding on to each other because our sides are starting to hurt and then holding on to each other the rest of the night too and
i like most other stuff too and im really excited to learn what youre into and

and i hope i get to delete this stupid profile because ive met you and everything is going to be okay but
if we dont ride off into the sunset thats cool too im just glad we got to be friends and
were going to be okay you and me

do you hear me

were going to make it
were going to get there

i believe in you

heres some contacts
email/gchat -
kik - auriaslightpath



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