33 - Bi

Toronto ontario Ontario, Canada

May 8, 2009 21:11

Ola ...My names Jordan, I am a Ivory to a great Ebony, But have an iche to be the Bonnie to one hell of a Clyde
If you don’t like the face you see above, I have been dismissed all ready and you are on to the next angst ridden cliché teenager who might have a smaller waistline and a (fascist) beauty standard face. If you’re looking for some beautiful creature, you have stumbled across the wrong person...But if you’re looking for a conversation, and if you’re looking to be even remotely intellectually stimulated... Then maybe I can be of slight intrigue. (Just. Talk. To. Me.)
* * *

In a significant other i look for one that can't help but stare at me when im not looking, and can't help but smile when i catch them.
I look for someone that will get excited knowing they will get to see me or talk to me soon, and one that will make me equally excited.
I want that person that i can do the little things for, make inside jokes with that only me and him understand, one that will randomly give me a hug or kiss cause its been a few minutes since the last one.
A person that will hold my hand and swing arms like a idiot in the mall or walking down the street.
A person i can cuddle with on the couch while watching a movie then end up missing half the movie cause its him i was really watching.
Someone that steals my attention, without trying.
The kinda person that makes me crazy for him/her...but in a good way!

i am a realist, reckless, silly, constant, mysterious, crazy, beautiful and impulsive. Mistakenly imperfect.Maybe too honest at times, forgetful when it comes to saying sorry for any of all. Although I am only 20, I am a old soul.
WITH THAT SAID... I like the music loud,My drink of choice is always a cold beer, dancing in my underware in my fav ACDC Shirt(i got when i was in grade 7 During the Stiff Upper Lip Tour) screaming at the top of my lungs.

Just a simple chick who loves to rock an roll!