40 - Straight

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dec 31, 2012 17:46

I'm a musician. I'm an excellent listener, and I choose my words carefully. I'm intelligent, but have a terrible memory. I don't believe two people have to be identical to get along, in fact differences in personality make things more interesting. I'm friendly, caring, thoughtful, and generally optimistic.

When I'm not studying or writing music, I can often be found working in the training department at an IT firm. That involves researching various technologies and procedures, then writing training documents and producing training videos. Occasionally, I deliver classroom style and hands on training to new employees.

On weekends I might stay home and write music, or perhaps go out with my friends. On occasion, I go to Neutral or some other club and dance to industrial, goth and electronic music. If it's been a particularly exhausting week, I might just stay home and chill out on the couch with my cat watching a movie. I try to make it out to the TSO whenever I can.