34 - Straight

W.A, Australia

Dec 16, 2012 20:53

you have to know me to understand me and understand me to know me. In a nutshell im your tipical freak that dont sleep, Meh what can i say i just love to f**k its one of the few free pleasures still available today that religion and politics hasnt managed to f**k up entirely (nothing against either i personally believe theres sumthin just unsure what - id say im more spiritual tho if i had to pick.) personality wise im a kind careing soul unless u f**k with me, my friend or family. i treat ppl how i want to be treated usually id say a hardend man that cant help but have a soft spot for animals, kids and anything sharing an affinity with innocence. ive lead a different life not exactly an easy one though im content with it. ill try almost anything once and ive learnt we should just strive to enjoy our mother f**kin lives. plenty of hard nites and quiet alike just grab it by the horns and ride that bitch all tha way. as you can see im a mi bag though my hearts in the right place usually im just a proud soul with high values and morals just trying to get by in this rat race we call life that wants to have his cake and eat it too at times . BASICALLY IM NOT THE JELEOUSE TYPE, EASY GOING AND FUN LOVING AND VALUE GOOD TIMES AND PPL ABOVE ALL ELSE (even though there few and far beetween these days) ---- so anyhoo if you took the time to read all this ya might as well get to know me now lmfao.... what are you waiting for lets f**k hehe