40 - Straight

gld, Netherlands

Apr 1, 2020 00:15

-working at Dutch venue (organizer ,stagemanager,dj,cook for bands and crew/ alrounder)
-Used to dye my hair black ,but I stopped so no more undercover blondy .
-I look younger than my age , I would have been rich, if I would get money everytime someone mention it to me .

some interest:
-music (big taste from metal rock to punk and 80's and moviemusic and cello)
-movies /series /docu's/sitcoms
-games: #Nerdallert (online: ESO (big fan) ,kritika reboot, WoW ,Neverwinter,LOTRO,age of conan,soulworker,adventure quest, temtem) looking for new game friend(s)
Darksiders, Ratched and Clank, Gof of war, LAnoir, Heavy Rain, Alice, and I also like boardgame etc,just missing someone to play with ,so mostly play right now online games and check new/old ones out ..
- busy to become streamer on twitch
-viking cosplay
-urban exploring
-traveling (2020 to my best friend in Finland, shes like a sis for me +steelfest)
-being creative

-play bassguitar and cello (on todo list)

This year we get fast trains between Netherlands and England(London) !

*I dont accept friendsrequest if we never talk , and by talk I mean real conversation, and not smaltalk .
* sorry but also not interested in older men, young boys(who could be my kid) , and ppl with empty profiles

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