36 - Straight

Bratislava, Slovakia

Jul 17, 2019 07:49

..difficult personality..honest,open minded,walking contradiction... I love going to gigs, music festivals, go 4 a walk to the city center,observe people (especially tease the golddigers , enjoy arts,fashion -
DIY clothing, accessories.
I love my job, love broaden my horizons, improve my knowledge by reading a wide range of different genres,..I like military novels by Richard Marcinko, (Rogue Warrior), thrillers, detective stories..,crime fiction, detective fiction(E.A.Poe).
I often watch movies - horrors, thrillers, movies by Pedro Almodovar,Stanley Kubrick, documentaries ´bout punk, WW II, psychology, creepy abandoned places, documentaries related to forensic science,mainly forensic medicine,..etc.
Have piercings, got tattoos..still want more!!!

I do not put in high regard what other people think 'bout me..( take it or leave it..) Looking for like-minded people (punks, skinheads, oi! skins..RAC skins..and hell yes- if far right-not a problem at all..If interested, the distance should not matter (and nope..I do not want to live my whole life where I live now

No interest, can´t hold a conversation = we both better do NOT waste time..I respect when a guy is shy/reserved,but I am definitely not gonna B the one to show interest at all costs..
I am quite U better drop me a message first

Things I love-I'll keep it simple

I love the UK and English speaking countries
sex pistols, Booze and Glory, I.C.1, Razorblade,KBK, Tattooed Motherfckers, Kommando Skin, Pittbullfarm, Skullhead, English Rose, Bad Co Project, Discharger, the Casualties , OXYMORON, Pittbullfarm, The Wildhearts, Evil Conduct, Machine Gun Kelly, The Clash, Disturbed, MM, Twisted Sister, Def Leppard
The more U like listening to punk, Oi!, hate-punk, chaos-punk music-the better..
Designing my own clothes, jewellery, shoes..whatever..
My cats Berry and Addy
Chat with friends
Horror movies, Thrillers, Dramas
tattoos , piercings, mohawk hairstyle, ..punks, hooligans, RAC skinheads, Oi! ...

Feel free 2 add me on fb if U feel like havin' a chat

Things I hate: mind games, booze, self-confident big-headed a**holes with obnoxious manners, cheaters, junkies, people who smoke weed...sorry..