26 - Bi

W.A, Australia

Apr 13, 2012 12:29

uhm, ok, so first thing right off the bat. i'm Transexual, no that does Not mean i'm a prostitute, or a desperate s**t. please don't use the word Tranny around me, as it is offensive.

i've recently had a string of abusive boyfriends and girlfriends, so i'm really fragile at the moment, this is made worse by the fact that i have schizophrenia and Aspergers Syndrome. basically this means that people need to be patient with me on many levels, as there are some things which you may consider ordinary which are pure agony for me.

other than sounding completely crazy, i'm really into Anime, especially Death Note (I identify so much with L) and i really love romance, although no-one has ever bought me flowers.. so that's a great way to get into my good books

I generally prefer boys over girls, but i can go either way, as long as there is that kind of connection
anything else you need to know, just message me