18 - Bi

Novosibirsk, Russia

Jul 23, 2024 05:07

I'm from Russia and I'm looking for friends.
Sometimes I can answer quite rarely, because sometimes I burn out and blah blah blah. But for the most part, I always answer 😔
From music I love visual kei, dsbm (chut chut 🤏🤏), jumpstyleeee, and a lot of things..
my hobby is clay modeling and a couple more things that I can tell you about! but clay is the most important thing (?) for me. I usually sculpt from marshmallow clay, because it's easier this way.
I love informal people, goths, punks, emo (but I don't relate to any) 😈😈... I also really like to look at other people's looks, it seems fascinating to me that someone has, for example, big eyes, someone has small ones, etc.
I have telegram Instagram and blablabalbeakdjebe
this is my old photo, now I have red hair with bangs. but I just don't have a photo with it yet((