27 - Straight

Silesia | Schlesien, Katowice, Poland

Apr 1, 2023 09:45

Don't be shy, if you're interested just message me. We'll see how it goes. 🤠

About me:
-I'm Vegetarian;
-I do work as a Psychologist, but I also study Psychotherapy (Don't worry, I won't judge or analyze you 😏);
-I'm half-Austrian, half-Polish, born and raised in Poland;
-Music enthusiast, big fan of black, doom and industrial metal scene;
-Currently growing my hair and beard out (Again);
-I like to exercise and be in shape, it's important to me;
-I'm a multi-instrumentalist (Guitar, drums, bass, piano);
-Straight edge;
-Coffee addict, CEO of looking tired;
-Interested in computer games and tabletop rpg's;
-Big fan of Silent Hill franchise;
-I like to read books (Psychological, self-development, historical, occult, fantasy).

Looking for:
-People to go with on concerts or festivals;
-Serious, loyal and stable romantic relationship.

Want to know more about my music taste? Check my 🤘:

If you want to listen to my songs (DSBM, Blackgaze, Ambient BM, Experimental, Jam Sessions) or other projects in which I took a part, take a look at my Soundcloud 👀: (I had to shorten the link, altscene won't let me post a full link to my profile).

Alternatively you can find me by my nickname @nechrubel.