26 - Straight

Christchurch, New Zealand

Aug 20, 2017 23:31

Welcome, wont you step inside and follow the hollow

Why punish yourself like this?

but won't say you know you I I see looking hello

So who will follow? Who is the lead?

I know I'll leave a stain, because I bleed

As we dance, we all dance

We all... have no chance in this horrid romance

Will you kiss me the same when you taste my victim's blood?

I like it rough, id rather feel pain than nothing at all

Sometimes you have to roll the hard six

You, couldn't be, you couldn't be me even if you wanted to. Everything I've been through, you wouldn't know

If I winked it's only because you took my breath away

I'm getting better at being a disaster, watch them flock as they leave one by one. Not a word or a whisper, to dead to care there is no voice to protest. We don't need to bother, just another shadow cast behind you as you walk away unable to see the blood staining your hands. Maybe I should kill myself

I feel like this search has been all in vain as I struggle to find my way

I am also an avid gamer and horror film watcher
I'm ready for love, I'm tired of this war. It's not something I've said before
Yes im ready to be human, like everyone else I needed time to think it over
I'm up off my knees now, come face to face with this false god and said hello