30 - Straight

Texas, United States

Dec 2, 2022 04:49

"Home? We can't go home. There's a line men like us have to cross. If we're lucky, we do what's necessary, then we die. No, all I really want, is peace."

I am someone who is unapologetically me. I own myself. I lived all around sorts of people, raised around different environments.

I'm honest. Someone you can just tell me straight up how you feel. I don't BS my friend's. You need backup? You need a friend on the stand be at your court hearing? Need someone who can shut the hell up and listen to your problems? I'm the man. I am a winter friend. When it gets tough I won't cut and run. We will face the problem together and look for a way out.

Fiercely loyal to my small circle of friends. Choose them wisely. Cut the drama out of your life. Be around some real mudda fkas who are going to encourage you to be you and do what makes you happy. Even if I may not agree, I still show respect. Maybe if people showed a little love to another fellow human being the world would be a little better. I treat everyone the way I would want to be treated.

So far in my life, I feel like I'm going through what most people do. Get ready for work, drive back home. Save up for the rent and other necessities. Try to enjoy life for the little things. Appreciate what I got. Because there is a high point. On the other side there is no limit to a low point.

As you can tell I wear a lot of black. I wear it for cultural reasons. Black is a living color and it represents victory and success.

What do I enjoy? Music. I love music and many of its genres. I love movies too but with current times I don't have streaming services. Just recently went to a movie theater after 16 years. Lot has changed since. Im a big Xenomorph fan. There is one movie in the franchise I will forever refuse to acknowledge. Used to play video games growing up. Put a controller in my hand again man, get me away from the grind for a bit. I still have some books. History, some techno thrillers, manuals, and one language book. Used to watch anime but we can chalk that into the streaming issue. I use YouTube a lot. Sometimes I catch a good free movie on there or watch something involving history. I am also into mechanics and tech. My friends are what I cherish the most.

I used to drink once a month, but cut that due to some hard times. If you smoke weed I don't mind. I'm 420 friendly but I can't do that due to the job I have. If you got a vice good on you. Means you can have a luxury. To me my car is a luxury. Nothing fancy, just a little gas saver to get me to work and back. I take care of it best I can. If I didn't I'd have to get a bicycle or ride the bus. I'm not a material person. The way I grew up I learned to appreciate what you got. Because we are all a few mistakes away from losing everything.

When I get down I read a book or a think about barn owls. Barn owls make me warm. They're so cute. Also I love laughing. I have resting btch face but tell me a corny joke and I bet I get a chuckle out of it. I need a good laugh. Life sucks, and no one gets out alive. So enjoy it as much as you can. Believe me. I can be on the verge of death and I can still make a joke out of it! Sometimes you might catch me have a small laugh or even a smile. It means I'm thinking of a good memory. Us humans are so easy to remember the bad crap that happens to us. I try to get my mind off all my troubles. Yeah I know I may have obstacles, but I'm gonna do my best to keep going. I been through so much in little time that I did not come this far for nothing.

Currently trying to expand my horizons. Trying to start a career. Gonna be a whole new world, lots of things to learn. But even the hard things in life can be worth doing. It can sure shape life a little better. Not gonna lie. I'm nervous, but I rather face it than be a old man on his death bed telling myself if only I tried. I rather live on the talons edge.

Speaking of talons edge. My special talent involves sunglasses. Sure I see better with my glasses. But the great spirit gave me the gift of night vision and silence. I could jog through a trail with sunglasses at night. I can also move silently and can track. When I can see in the dark under a new moon with some stars my eyes can adapt to just see the features of the environment.

If there is anything I can share what I learned in life, it's the following;

Modern world:
1. Keep calm. Follow your guts.
2. Never forget. I'm ok, you're ok.
3. Don't speak. Just do it.
4. Have good people. No A-holes. People with soul.
5. Work hard, but one day a week take a day off.
6. One thing at a time. Focus.
7. Don't prioritize money as #1. You'll be miserable.
8. Keep the word you speak.

Resilience and friends:
1. Life always hits you. No matter how strong you are. It will always hit hard when you least suspect it.
2. When on the ground. Stand up fast as you can. Or life will kick you more.
3. Stand straight. Never have your head down.
4. Never retreat! Never move back! Unless you prepare counter attack.
5. Any fight, that you don't need to fight. Is a fight you've already won.
6. If you want to know if you can trust a friend. See if they stay by your side in a street fight.
7. If the friend will take a beating for you. They will be a true friend.

1. Move slow, talk slow. People with no control move and talk fast in a hectic manner.
2. Power comes with serving others, not commanding them.
3. Crush your ego to zero!
4. Never whine. Never complain.
5. Try to do one thing for another person. Without expecting anything In return.
6. Find something in your life that is absolute. It could be faith, or family, or brother/sister hood.
7. When disrespected. Stay silent... look them hard in the eye... They will feel your power...

S - Size Up the Situation
U - Use All Your Senses / Undue Haste Makes Waste
R - Remember Where You Are
V - Vanquish Fear and Panic
I - Improvise
V - Value Living
A - Act Like the Natives
L - Live By Your Wits / Learn Basic Skills



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