42 - Bi

None of your business, Australia

Oct 1, 2022 09:54

I kinda did a reel of selfies, while I was feeling a little better than usual, but I was kinda, being a smart arse. I can be a smart arse sometimes. Lol

Platonic friends, Maybe see what else happens, life's to short, to stress these things. My reading glasses broke & I can't see s**t! This could be jiberish for all I know. I hope you understand jiberish. 😆

My interests & hobbies

*Music of course, gigs, festivals, 4 yrs classical singing lessons, doesn't really matter, was always to shy & self conscious to do anything about it.
My taste is Ecclectic, but you'll find what I listen to most is symphonic black metal, death metal, classic metal, one of my favourite bands is Judas Priest. I also enjoy some hardcore punk, crossover. Some gothy stuff, industrial, synth, EDM & EBM. Etc etc etc...
*Psychology, self improvement
*Reading, literature, poetry etc
*Art, galleries. Most arty stuff in general. I myself, dabble in life drawing & photography from time to time.
*All animals, nature, 28yrs vegetarian. Not Vegan, not judgey of others choices.
* Jogging, had a knee injury, but I'm back at it again.
*I'm not a gamer.

I can be serious but I like to laugh & be playful with the right people.

Ill add some music soon