34 - Straight

Tokyo , Japan

Dec 6, 2023 07:45

Hey! One amateur weekend muso from Sapporo, Japan. Moved to Tokyo in 2023. I’ve just signed up for this website for having had a hard time finding someone alternative like me. I’ve tried a few other apps but it’s not easy to see likeminded ones. Only 1 alty-artsy one exists out of 100. Not kidding. I don’t play sports nor drink piña coladas on the hot summer beach like they’d do. Nah. I’m totally not for that lifestyle. I’d rather sit and watch the sun goes down as I watch the waves if I ever tried visiting a place like that hahaha 😝

I used to live in Australia, Canada and the US and I miss travelling across the globe. Big on music (alt rock, punk, hxc, metal, emo, indie, goth/post-punk/industrial etc for sure though, I’m much more versatile that I even love jazz, bossa, house, reggae, hiphop, classical and so on equally. Music in general is my passion) and plays guitar, bass and sings a bit. Also into making beats. Loves cats. Politically left, (as you can tell lol), Speaks Japanese, English and… Gibberish.. and sum dumb bollocks lol haha

Hope to meet you in person one day!! We’ll meet somewhere in this world if things go right eventually. Just go with the flow and let it be. Set Covid on hell fire. Come talk to me in English or Japanese. Ciao. Oh it’s Italian. ^-^

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