28 - Straight

Mariupol, Russia

Sep 25, 2022 20:22

My name's Rezeda. This is my real name and it means Mignonette.
I'm from Mariupol, RUSSIA [Accept it!!!] but now I'm living in Moskva, the English call it Moscow, because The Third Reich of Ukraine and Ze the Clown can invade my hometown any minute again. When we are sure it's safe there, we will return.
I am into Black, Doom, Gothic Metal, horror movies, and spooky stories. I practice ceremonial and natural magic, and oriental witchcraft.
I've just recovered from my previous relationship and would love to build up something more genuine and honest than it was last time.
DO NOT write me if you SUPPORT The Third Reich of Ukraine and its Fascist regime or if you drink much or do drugs, including smoking weed and eating mushrooms.
Если тут случайно есть металлюги из Российских Вооруженных Сил, буду рада знакомству 33! Российская армия - самая лучшая!
The Russian Army is the best! 33
Ukronazis, no pasaran!

Fluent Russian and Ukrainian, nearly fluent English and Tatar, tiny bit of Greek.