25 - Bi

???, Japan

Oct 29, 2022 12:34

Well... I joined this trash can again just to look for my lost friend from USA (Missing from 2019). I mean, this site is just a tool for me.

However, I can welcome friends online if you're like-minded and likes dark-themed things, have common vibes or interests?
Fyi, I'm Non-binary, AroAce and I have AvPD. I'd say I am introverted, reticent, patience, secretive, cautious, old soul, etc. I'll never like video call because I hate stares. And I often read between the lines.
My reply is slow. Additionally I won't be so active, hence I may not often read messages even in here.

Who I'm bad at are, over-familiar people, hypocrites and judgemental, someone pushy, impatient, noisy.
I will close my door for the someone who don't seem to good to each other.

What I have are only Discord & LINE, then emails. But I hate to add people soon, add randomly isn't my thing. Also I take at least 1 years to call someone my friend. No, it doesn't refer that I call everybody my friend after 1 years. I mean, I values friendship, so it's loyal and sincere. To me, friendship is a thing that want to cherish and take time, instead of rush.

My interests :
- Older stuffs than new stuffs (Especially about entertainment, yeah I'm outdated in general).
- All kind of thriller, horror films & videos. War movies.
- Various genre console video games and some mobile games.
- Cartoon Network 💚
- Wear masks. Cute people & stuffs. etc.

𖤐 I'll never forgive someone who mess with my friend ;P