S̸C̸A̸R̸L̸E̸T̸T̸ L̸A̸U̸R̸A̸

19 - Bi

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Oct 3, 2023 08:01

Hey spooky souls, looking for a friend who wants to explore goth subculture 🖤 or if you're into other alternative styles that's also pretty cool 😋
Feel free to suggest me any of your favourite bands or musics
Call me a Baby Bat🦇
Love spooky and horror. I literally wait for October the whole year, I guess you know why👻🎃
I'm an sfx makeup artist, besides that I do gothic or other relevant spooky makeups too
I used to draw anime and low-key realistic portrait but nowadays I don't do much artworks. If you want me to draw anything just let me know. I can draw your portrait too if you want 🖌️
It's not like I'm dressed as an alternative 24/7 but dark clothings are like my hobbies and they reduce my anxiety
Colour of my soul is black as grime and red as blood
And my fantasy is paranormal world specially the vampirism 🩸🧛