S̸C̸A̸R̸L̸E̸T̸T̸ L̸A̸U̸R̸A̸

19 - Bi

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mar 31, 2024 04:33

Heyy there I'm here for making friends basically and I wanna explore more about the alt culture. Feel free to suggest me any of your favourite bands or musics. I'm not into any specific genre or aesthetic. I'm good with any alt band if they match my music taste

I'm so much into the spooky and horror since childhood. Specially into vampirism, goblincore and witchy s**ts. Used to be very obsessed with zombies. I mean they're still fine to me. I literally wait for October the whole year, I guess you know why. Well Halloween is more special to me than my own birthday
I used to do horror sfx makeup back then and now I'm a bit idle in that case, besides that I do alternative, viking or Halloween makeups too
I used to draw anime and low-key realistic portrait but nowadays I don't do much artworks but when I do I mostly do monochromatic artworks. If you want me to draw anything just let me know. Maybe I can draw your portrait too if you want

It's not like I'm dressed as an alternative 24/7 but I try to cause they actually give me more confident
I'm a Virgo if that make any sense