25 - Gay

Hordaland, Norway

Aug 17, 2022 13:45

Hello, Hjalmar here. Been in here a few times before. I'm here to find someone I can build a relationship via friendship. Likes to take it easy, considering that i've had bad experiences.
I am a chill but energetic type. Goes out a lot, and always on the go. Both because I think it's good for the heart and soul to get out, and to cope. I also like to cuddle with my partner while watching a good horror movie or action/action-drama, comedy etc.

I like a lot of black, and I mean a LOT of black. All Darkness. I also like music that has a lot of emotional lyrics. I just feel at home in that type of music. I feel understood...

Then I like leather jackets, and studs on them. Also put studs on my army boots and think it's cool. I basically do my own style.

I do martial arts with real but unsharpenned training weapons from the Viking Age.

I like make-up. Everything from eyeliner and eyeshadow, to horror themed styles.

I'm quite a feminine type, maybe it doesn't show that well, but at least I feel more feminine.

And ehhhh... Likes to explore in bed, if u know what i mean... wink*
And I'm a sub, but I'm willing to try being a switch

Dont be afraid to send me a message, I don't bite... Hard