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104 - Straight

Tennessee, United States

Jul 15, 2024 19:43

Scammers, Maga, Bigots, Karens, Shallow females and the list goes on, all that s**t mentioned above refrain from any communication with me, you mf won't get anything from me

I'm in the mid 50s and I live on my own, sadly I live in the city but my goal is to live away from everyone and everything right in the middle of nowhere and raise all kinds of animals to care for and protect them, not for food., hoping that one day I will achieve it.

If you interact with me don't worry, I will never request n*de photos or anything like that, I'm not a pervert, I am not looking for sexual connections either but rather emotional and spiritual ones.

If you don't like old guys, I got you, don't worry, I won't stalk you after you visit my profile like most guys do.
I won't even visit your profile once you've visited mine, unless we have interacted, you catch my attention or if you are someone of my interest, otherwise I won't bother you by visiting and snooping your profile, that s**t is done by desperate guys and I'm not one of them.

I enjoy watching animals attacking or killing f****** humans after having been mistreated and abused by them.
Examples: bulls, elephants, etc..

I am the kind of person who admits my fault when I have screwed up and able to apologize to the affected party.

I like to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings by talking, violence is for assholes.

I have never been a sociable person nor do I try to be one day, that's not my thing.

I don't like begging for love, friendship or anything, my pride, dignity and self-esteem are stronger than anything

I support women for their rights and equality (I hate f****** misogynists)

My social circle is very small, almost non-existent, the few friends I have are females, not guys.

I am quite polite/respectful and easy to get along with.

100% Sigma male
100% Monogamous
100% Straight
100% Misanthrope
100% Pantheist
100% Stoic
100% empathetic with needy and vulnerable people

< My Fav Genres >
Atmospheric Melodic Black Metal ⸸
Doom Goth Symphonic Metal ⸸
Melodic Death Metal ⸸ Heavy Metal ⸸
ClassicRock ⸸ Hard Rock ⸸ Glam Metal ⸸ 80s Music

< Topics of my interest >
Quantum physics 𖤐 Pantheism 𖤐 Reincarnation 𖤐Misanthropy 𖤐 Conspiracies 𖤐 Occultism 𖤐 Paganism 𖤐 Metaphysics 𖤐 Eschatology 𖤐 Philosophy 𖤐 Stoicism 𖤐 Mythology 𖤐 Enigmas 𖤐 Paranormal 𖤐 Mysteries 𖤐 Science Fiction 𖤐 Mysticism 𖤐 Vampirism 𖤐 Demonology

< My fav hobbies >
Camping ᛯ Long walks ᛯ Hiking and any outdoor activity related to nature.
(I hate being in crowded places such as restaurants or malls)

< My origins>
I was born and raised in Mexico and currently living in the US for several years.

(I am NOT mexican american, I am 100% Aztec)

I don't smoke cigarettes or weed either, if you do it's fine, just stay a few feet away from me, I can't stand the smell of that s**t.

Sorry but I can't stand shallow stuck up overbearing females, you could be the most beautiful physically attractive, but your dumb attitude and bitchy rude personality makes you ugly and repulsive.
I don't mean to offend anyone, just saying.. (︶︹︺)

Thanks for reading
Peace & Love

P.S.. I don't know why but for some f****** reason I click and fit in with really young people than with people close to my age.

I'm single but I'm not desperate to have a partner, I like to take my time and not rush.

So being friends would be the most appropriate for me and let things flow, surely something cool will happen if there is chemistry.

If you are looking for rich and handsome guys, then you are in the wrong profile, believe me I don't have any of those things

I humbly can only offer loyalty, respect and all the good values ​​that I have had throughout my whole life..

If you want to know more about me and see recent photos and videos, then this is my IG: munraxx_axs



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