30 - Straight

Antrim, Northern Ireland

Oct 1, 2022 08:02

Hi there!

I’m definitely no stranger to this place, been on and off this site a few times over the past 5 years. Have met some amazing people and made good friends. However the site itself does annoy me after a time so I just delete the account and come back again sometime later.

First of all, I’ll gladly talk to anyone from around the world, so don’t be shy! Here to make friends!

Now about me.. I grew up in France so fluent in French and currently living in the UK, having lived in a few other places along the way.

As for music I will listen to anything once.. which is why mu current music library has around 30 000 songs.. Ranging from Death Metal to Blues, Metalcore to Indie Folk, Glam Metal to Pop, and even Symphonic Metal to Hip Hop. If there is a genre out there, then I probably like at least one song in that style.. but there are exceptions!

Other hobbies include cooking and experimenting with ingredients that probably should not go together but actually work well.
Love a good cinema session! Also do enjoy a good video game in the evenings as well, or even a board gamej

History enthusiast, nature lover, bookworm and animal lover.

Hope to speak to you all! Just send me a message!



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