37 - Straight

Monmouthshire, United Kingdom

Jul 21, 2024 23:18

I like weird and wonderful things. Seeing animals and nature make me smile.
Not an introvert, nor an extrovert, more of a "munchrovert".
I like metal, I like board games, love horror movies, love wrestling (AEW specifically).
I'm a kind person, get up to some mischief, value good people and like to make people laugh.
If you want to talk to me about something, come and tell me all about:
your favourite animals,
your favourite horror movies,
Your favourite sandwich.

Recommend me an Anime series to watch, I'm still dipping my toe in that water and I'm in love with the world of Attack on Titan.

Remember with me, I'm always looking to make people feel good about themselves, so I might just pop in and say something nice to you, just because I like to be kind. I'm basically a golden retreiver in human form.

As for what I want, well, I'd like to find someone to date and by that I mean, we share snacks and nap together in our free time. I am heterosexual and I don't have any kinks. I do give out lots of cuddles though because I'm super edgy like that.



Age: 50 / straight

United Kingdom


Age: 26 / bi

United Kingdom