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London, United Kingdom

Sep 26, 2022 03:21

56-going-on-25 working-class old-school-lefty Electro(pop)head. Rather sweary. (I'm immature, basically!)

I'm actually from slightly outside London, in Surrey, but London is where all the music happens, so that's where I end up gigging and clubbing that's what I'm putting as my location.

I'm mostly just here for (music) chat and finding more (London) gig buddies really. If anything else comes out of it beyond that ...I'd be very surprised! But I remain open-minded, though.

My twin main loves in life are electronic music and dogs. The genres within electronic music that I have been most into over the years are Electropop, Electro, Minimal Wave, IDM and Dub Hop. Of course, these also blur into things like Italo/Space Disco, EBM, Coldwave/Darkwave, Shoegaze, Techno, Ambient and Progressive House, too. If you're still reading after all that... well done! Basically, if it's bleepy, there's a chance I might like it! So yes - my music tastes are rooted in the past, but I'll never stop seeking out new stuff ...even though I'm the first to acknowledge that I'm rarely 'at the cutting edge'.

Music I can't stand: Prog, Jazz (anything that places more emphasis on moving fingers up and down a fretboard or keyboard as fast as possible over actual tunes, basically!); That fake-R'n'B autotune yodelling stuff that gets into the charts and thus also the supermarkets (which is where I unfortunately get to hear it against my will!).

TV & Film: mostly Sci Fi (and at the 'science' end, rather than the 'fantasy' end, usually) but also some 'art house', international and old classic movies, too. Recently watched list: 'For All Mankind' season 3; 'The Sandman' season 1; 'Nightmare Alley'. I like comedy too - mostly dark/odd/absurd stuff, really. I grew up on Monty Python and ended up at Chris Morris and similar.

I work at a university, locked away in the bowels of the library, cataloguing research articles. I'm not as much of a nerd as that might make it sound ...but yeah, okay - I'm still a nerd! Science rules! Very much an atheist, too.

I'm also very, VERY anti-racist! So if you can't understand the reasons for the emergence of the BLM movement, or why people 'take a knee', then please move on - we probably wouldn't get along.

I drink ale, but I don't have the beer gut to go with it.

I suppose I'm what would be called a 'cancer survivor'. I had it 2.5 years ago. The treatment worked, though - I seem to be cancer-free, now. I was already self-isolating due to the effects of the cancer treatment on my immune system, when the Coronavirus pandemic came along ...and everyone else had to join me in that isolation! I didn't mind the isolation so much - it was the lack of gigs that bothered me!

Which brings me back to the music...

I'm not a festival-goer, really. I like gigs in small venues followed by a bath and then my own bed, thank you!

Gigs so far in the last 12 months, since the easing of pandemic restrictions:

Heaven 17 (performing 'Reproduction' and 'Travelogue') at The Roundhouse;
Selofan + Isolated Youth at Moth Club;
Linea Aspera + Fragrance. at Studio 9294;
Black Marble (album launch event) at Rough Trade East;
Pye Corner Audio + Alice Hubble at Electrowerkz;
Zeropolis at Aces & Eights (as part of the 'Achtung! Achtung! club night);
The KVB at Moth Club;
Black Nail Cabaret at New Cross Inn (missed this due to bloody storm Eunice in the end! :-/ ) ;
Adult. + Plack Blague at Electrowerkz;
OMD at the Royal Albert Hall;
A Flock Of Seagulls + Rodney Cromwell at New Cross Inn;
Igorrr + Otto Von Schirach at The Electric, Brixton;
Zonal + Gum Takes Tooth at Studio 9294;
SRSQ + Riki + Vaein at Moth Club;
Martial Canterel at The Shacklewell Arms;
Morphology + Steven Rutter + Hierophant + Shadow Acid at Electrowerkz (as part of the Exalt Records vs. Firescope Records club night);
Black Nail Cabaret + Das Fluff + La Rissa + Cult With No Name + Die Arkitekt at Electrowerkz;
Mangelexemplar at Aces & Eights (as part of the 'Achtung! Achtung!' club night);
Front 242 at the O2 Academy Islington (x2!!!);
We Are Not Devo at The Boilerroom (in Guildford);
Clan Of Xymox + Astari Nite + La Rissa at Electrowerkz;
Boy Harsher at Moth Club.

Next up:

Tilly Electronics at The Water Rats (as part of the 'Dead & Buried' club night);
Blancmange at Rough Trade East (album launch event);
Actors at Electrowerkz;
Test Dept. + Blurt at The Albany, Deptford;.

Upcoming gigs I'm seriously considering but haven't got a ticket for yet:

Covenant at The Garage;
Double Echo at Aces & Eights (as part of the 'Achtung! Achtung! club night);
Blancmange at The Boilerroom (in Guildford)

I renewed my (previously expired) Slimelight membership last year, a year after having paid for it online! Not sure how often I'll be able to go, in reality, but it's nice to have the option, of course.

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