33 - Bi

Midgar, Sector 5, Ireland

Apr 14, 2024 01:30

Asocial nihilistic hikikomori misanthrope. Fundamentally incompatible with most of the human race, but looking for someone like me, or at least some mostly likeminded friends/connections.

Prefer upfront infodump over dragging out disappointment.

Atheist. Not into astrology/spiritualism.

Terminally online, better through text. Probably more introverted than you. Won’t trust quickly, if ever.

I like weird edgelord toilet humor, surreal pessimism memes, maladaptive daydreams, long streams/debates/podcasts (EFAP!), anime, video games especially JRPGs, fanfic.

Thrive on creativity and escapism, decay on disappointing realities.

I craft, art, write a lot, some bad music attempts. Hyper self-critical.

Categorically childfree. No kids, no dads, no undecided people. Not full on antinatalist because nihilism, but my sympathies lean in that direction of appreciating most of the memes in that subreddit.

Demis3xual/acespec. Panromantic. Monogamous. Not interested in poly, ENM, or anything noncommittal. Bi isn't really accurate but this website gives limited options in that regard.

Love to cook & bake, so it’s a no to ve{geter}ians or any extreme diet restrictions.

Libright politically, but not kidding myself that anything remotely close to what I want will ever happen. I feel completely detached from most people and society, mostly just feel quietly hopeless with regard to actual political happenings, and treat political YouTube as entertainment, unless something makes me sufficiently angry (recent SCOTUS decisions...) that forces me to be reminded that I cannot simply laugh like sad clown at the hellworld, because I am still inside it.

No to ☭, socialism, social conservatism, authoritarianism. No thought crimes, joke crimes, free speech extremist. Pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, bodily autonomy absolutist. Egalitarian. Statist bootlicking isn’t any better than corporate bootlicking. Just say no to licking boots. Unless its your f3tish or something I don’t kink-shame.

🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈♠️-friendly. Gender roles boring, social norms for ignoring. Support femboy uprising.

Dogs: the only consistent light in this miasma of existential dread, endless suffering, and unrelenting banality that is human existence. Also, two insane cats.

No age or distance reqs. Don’t get the fixation with such things over compatibility. But as you see, I still manage to rule out most people 😂

Asocial and introverted in the extreme. Have no real motivation to socialize with people outside the internet. I'm not agoraphobic or anything, just don't get much out of IRL relationships above just chatting online and in the past social situations have left me about 15% anxious but 85% bored, settling into 100% bored as it progresses. Unless I find someone I actually want a relationship or even friendship with, which seems increasingly unlikely.

Not into getting drunk, drug use or smoking. In principle I’m all for personal freedom and not concerned what others do, but a romantic partner I prefer someone on the same page.

So, according to most people I'm too specific, but am also not violating what people keep touting as the golden rule of "don't ask for anything you can't offer yourself" so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wish more people understood the difference between hope and expectation when they're accusing me of mine being too high.

As I said, escapism, fiction and art in all its forms are pretty important to me, and usually more fulfilling than any real-life situation, or attempt at human relationships, unfortunately. I enjoy weeb stuff, cooking (omni), my animals, etc. but as important part of my everyday life those things may be, they don't mean much in terms of compatibility if we're not on the same page with the other stuff I mentioned. Which are counterproductively the things you're not "supposed" to bring up, and instead must bond over the fact you like the same movies and music combined with some vague "chemistry", only to discover you're not on the same page about kids and you can't stand the fact they chain smoke and they can't stand the fact you don't want to try to see the good in people.

But by the time this happens, you are already emotionally invested, and that's how a babby is formed and raised past toddlerhood and there are almost 8 billion of these a$sholes around... etc.

I pretty much use these profiles as passive message in bottles on the off-chance that the 1- in-a-million compatible person will see it. I’m rarely in active communication with anyone. This is pretty much a summary and rehashing of protracted rants on similar topics I’ve written elsewhere. If you’re actually interested just go here pastelink . net / rr3grbtc for the long version. Yes, this is the short version. I don’t consider this to be long or particularly detailed compared to what I usually write. This text box would probably let me just paste the whole thing here, but identifying and uncensoring all the words this site likes to censor would take forever.

I go back and forth a lot on maximizing my options by using as many of these profiles as I can because that helps already remote odds of finding someone compatible, but on the other hand, swiping/clicking through the utter, mind-numbing vapidity that you find on them is unbearable and being exposed to too many normies at once legitimately seems to negatively impact my mental health . The niche sites like this, you tend to find people who are marginally less dull (well, compared to the millions of clones who love traveling, drinking, and hiking on swipe apps) but then they hardly have anyone on them.

I'm looking to find likeminded people. I'm definitely not looking for Pointless Debate #636436363 on some aspect of my views you don't like. We've got the rest of the internet for that. Its also an endless theme of these things people sending me messages about why they're not interested, or snotty metacommentaries about the way I present myself being bad/wrong/ineffective according to their own irrelevant standards. It's endlessly funny to me that people I'd never have any interest in anyway feel the need to go out of their way to let me know that they don't approve. And nothing of value was lost. God, if I took the same attitude, I'd be here 12 hours a day writing unsolicited critiques on every other profile I come across.

This is also a weird mess I melded together from what I had saved, what I remembered, and some other profile, so it probably has a bunch of weird errors and repetitions I'll fix when I'm awake.

Please send a message if you're actually interested, and I don’t respond to random contextless friend requests. This place seems pretty dead, but still the vast majority of correspondence is one-liners from people who didn’t read my profile, or do a really bad job of pretending they did. Yes, I know people love the "waste of time to put effort into messages because people don't respond" excuse,. but if there's next to nothing to go on in the message, and either a non-existent or deliberately milquetoast profile “because if I wrote how I really feel/like [mine] I’d put too may people off” etc. etc. I don't see why anyone would. Self-fulfilling prophecy. But the kinds of people who say these things likely never actually read this far anyway.

Yeah, I know low-effort is the norm now, and getting any kind of decent message or conversation out of people who act like you wrote War and Peace just for trying to put some level of useful detail into your profile is next to impossible.

Here are some brief media sections I also pasta'd from somewhere else:


TV and Anime:

Battlestar Galactica
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul

In terms of objective consistency of quality BB and BCS are probably better but BSG keeps a top spot in my cold dead heart.

I enjoy a lot of other shows here and there, and still endure a few I've accepted are pretty objectively bad or completely off the rails now (cough Westworld, let's see how season 4 does...) but I don't trust anything not to eventually devolve into garbage these days.

In terms of anime I've forgotten more than I remember. If it's a major one I've probably seen at least some of it. Yes I enjoy Attack on Titan, like the rest of the internet, apparently. Shinsekai Yori, Blood +, Wolf's Rain, Welcome to The NHK!, Death Note (though only up to a certain character's demise, really), Vision of Escaflowne are some others I like. I'd link MyAnimeList but I never remember to properly update it.



I mostly read (or rather, listen to) fantasy novels, with some science fiction and nonfiction occasionally thrown in. Want to read more manga, and of course just as I get into Berserk, Kentaro Miura dies, but I guess it’s being continued now by his best friend, so that’s something. My favorite regular author is probably Robin Hobb.

I really do read an excessive amount of fanfiction.

The Conspiracy Against The Human Race by Thomas Ligotti is a good summary of how I feel about everything.



I play mostly JRPGs or single player, story-driven games. Final Fantasy is my favorite series, though they have declined pretty severely since X. I have a probably unwarranted amount of hope for XVI, and was very excited recently by the FFVII: Rebirth and Crisis Core: Reunion announcements! FINALLY we have a date.... even if we still have to wait a year.

Yes, I mostly enjoyed Remake, with some caveats.

IX is the best, though.