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πŸŽ€ Friends only for now and please for the love of Loki. Hel. The Frost Giant Realm and Cloud District. Please stop calling me cutie and pretty. Also please stop saying your eyes look so pretty can you send me more pictures of your face? Please you sound like a serial killer. Please keep in mind my profile is a 15-30 minute read. If you're not interested in people telling things about themselves vs their profile. Then close out of my pro and go to someone else. You're not forced to read this in one sitting and you just assumed that yourself. No repeats. If you ask anything about myself listed on my profile I will copy and paste that information. But any comments flirting at me will be ignored. Looking for people to play Runescape with as well πŸŽ€ For people that remember me on here I'm staying for good. I left and deleted my last account because of bullies and harassers πŸŽ€ But no more will I run for bullies and harassers πŸŽ€ My location is selected at random so that way I can keep my personal information and I.D. safe πŸŽ€ As I've had some past ''issues'' here with users stalking me πŸŽ€ A lot of people thought I suffered from psychosis and schizophrenia on here πŸŽ€ This is what I was diagnosed with I've MDD and PTSD w/o which means without psychosis/schizophrenia and I do have more more mental disorders listed on this profile within this profile page about me and oh welcome to the Matsugane Family and if I'm logged out for awhile of time you can find my contacts somewhere on my page and I do have more photos as well you silly gooses πŸŽ€

πŸŽ€ Missing , Presumed Death is still my favorite quest still till this day and guess why πŸŽ€

πŸŽ€ I play E3 nothing wrong with Old School I just like E3 sue me and my crimes but I got
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🌠 Grand bull $hit I deal with and if you don't like someone getting free stuff from the government or trying to benefits then that is one cue not to read any further. Why? Using your tax dollars of course from what I'm told and I know people have a HUGE ISSUE WITH THIS. Another cue is you reading my psychological exam and you don't want to do that and if you're wondering a reason why I had to take one that is because I had to take one to see if I approved for the benefits if this is a problem then don't keep reading and if you're wondering why I had to take one well here in the U.S. people have abused free stuff from the gov such as faking a mental illness or faking IQ levels and so forth now everything requires medi proof and final cue for you to leave my profile and also not only SSI wanted to see my medical records of my mental state and IQ state well Workforce also required them. Also just to give you another cue to leave here you go. My young prince is 10 and don't be inboxing me that you hate kids and you still want to talk to me and I think you guys really need to be educated not every kid on the planet is a hoodlum and me as a parent I believe kids act and repeat what their surroundings are and I don't want anymore kids due to my physical health failed after I had mine by c-section so please don't inbox me saying you hate kid when I never inboxed you and I just viewed your profile only and also my dad doesn't allow me to call people unless that person is SSI/Workforce/Family related. Why? Well something happened in 2017 and that's all you need to know for now and yes I'm working on Medicaid right now 🌠


🌠 So here is what I was diagnosed with and the reason why I went. This is pretty lengthily because I asked for the chief complaint etc and a chief complaint is another thing for doctor's complaint and idk why the f'uck Tri County couldn't put that instead of chief complaint. Doesn't make sense to me lmao. Workforce the paperwork of my mental state and IQ has been sent for approval of their services. Could take up a maximum of two months or less. Reason for this? Lisa has to see if I'm disabled enough to find some kind of part time job or somewhere concealed and my worker can let me have a chair to sit to see if I'm disabled to see. Any issues this could go wrong? My dad said hat he will not pay for a new medical exam of any kind and he will make Workforce pay for that and if the company refuses my paperwork because of being too old. I get the 2017 part but really 2020? Of October or November when I took the psychological exam? The company was also like well what will you do if we request you to get a GED? I'm like well if the GED place don't accept someone on the 504 plan which is for special needs students what then? She just froze over the phone interview and didn't say anything and moved on to the next question. Bull $hit man and I did turn in the paperwork with the electronic signature on August 30 and the worse thing is this. The company can tell me A the paperwork is to old or B you've a IQ of 79 there is barely any work you can do out there and I hope the company don't ask why I can't stand for 30 minutes or longer as I don't have the funds to get my leg X-rayed were the knee joint bone on the side hurts because the kneecap doesn't hurt it's the bones on the side that connect the joints and my ankles hurt to and soon will be trying Red Clover supplement soon for a strong anti inflammatory which I've been taking D3 and Collagen and Cod Liver Oil and I'm noticing SOME RESULTS of not complaining anymore but still that's not going to fix the problem of me not standing on my feet on a job 🌠

🌠 Please keep in mind this one thing. Just please whatever you do don't ask me why the gov SSI X rayed my ankle. I told the first doctor the place sent me to June 11 and I go why are you doing this to me? I said that my knee joint hurts the most and my ankle is mild and not as bad and then he goes we're sending your off for your ankle only. Like WTF MAN? Maybe the knee cost more to X ray I guess my aunt also told me that doctors can tell knee joint problems from the ankle so IDK BUT STILL WTF? We will see any updates about this will be updated and erased if something new arises.

🚿 Reason for going:

🌠 And just to let you know the reason why I took this psyche exam was in 2020 I needed to see if I can approve of SSI/Workforce. Workforce is something and Tri County is only located in surrounding areas where I live and SSI is government funding if you're disabled in the eyes of the government. Also you might call me a dirty bitch but according to Workforce the reason why this doesn't cost anything is I'm using people's tax dollars for this because my dad ask while I was on a phone interview doing my evaluation report for them over the phone as the company wasn't seeing clients in person just yet. Anyways my dad butted in and asked why doesn't this cost anything?

🌠 Well Lisa said ''this is for free because this is government funded by taxes'' aka that tells me I'm using people's tax money for this. So if you want to call me a dirty bitch. I can't believe our tax dollars are going towards you getting free s**t from the government. Great another milk drinker. Nah I really do need ''help'' my dad and nobody in my family will not help me find a part time job online I already asked a year ago and my sis said no which I don't blame her she is 34 years old. Lives somewhere else like about 3 hours away and without traffic the time is 2 hours and 48 minutes and for me understanding her needs as her sister I know one thing and that is. She has her own life after all she has M.S. and she can stay out of this drama and my sister shouldn't be responsible for taking care of my needs and neither is she responsible to pay for my son's school supplies or help with that or clothes etc. So then my aunts and my dad said no you can just randomly click on something online and find a online job that way and we will not help you LMAO. Anyways back on the subject of why I left in 2017. As you read the reason why I left in 2017 after getting half of my evaluation done. Then you read about the statement about that I found a pamphlet that Tri County can help me/assign me a caseworker/can help me with this place that's in Texas called Workforce to find a part time job online or concealed somewhere because according to Tri I CAN get SSI/part time from home. So I approved but let's just say Workforce denies me my caseworker can step in and fight back for another case. I'm still waiting on the SSI report for yes or no. I've taken my SSI final doctor appointment in June on 23 or 26th (I saw my other aunt on the 29th of August and she said I went June 11 and and June 26 so I got the first date wrong)of June and still now August 21 still waiting. However my aunt found a piece of a paper that she had that my first answer could be in 120 which is close to 4 months. We also done some research that some people didn't get their first answer five months later as well. Also for people thinking Autism isn't a disability according to what my caseworker from Tri County said that yes Autism is underneath the disability umbrella according what Erika told me and yes I will repeat this several times just in case you forget from point A to B. TRI COUNTY TOLD ME I CAN WORK PART TIME ONLINE IF I WANTED WITH THE ADD ON WITH SSI. THAT'S WHAT I WAS TOLD! However my dad is quite dumb. He thinks I can work Monday through Friday and 8 hours. I said no my caseworker Erika told me there is only certain days like for a example you can work 3 times in a week. Like Monday Thursday and Friday. I said no I can't. I've to be on fixed hours/days and what Erika told me. My dad was like I'M NOT BELIEVING THAT! I will call SSI office and find out myself whenever you get approved for SSI. LMAO. Okay and my dad doesn't believe either that I can make over $10 an hour with SSI. He goes I will call SSI myself when you get approved for SSI because I will ask them myself. I had enough of that screaming match and just left and walked into my room.

🌠 Why do people think I'm lying about my mental health etc:

🌠 Also I think why people don't believe me for my mental health is because I'm the only one in the family currently suffering from these mental disorders. According to family records there are none of these symptoms that show up on family health records. Family health issues are. Cancer. Diabetes. Heart Attack and Stroke. However my sister is the only one in the family that has M.S. and there has only been one family member on my dad's side of the family that died of the brain eating disease which was his mom. Also my sister we're a few years apart. She was full figured and curvy. Never made fun of in school. My dad states she was the top 5 in her class and was never on a 504 plan either.

🌠 Here is some things you need to keep in mind reading this report:

🌠 My DR made several grammar mistakes according to Google automatic checker for spelling and grammar. I guess A she didn't give two f**ks about doing a proof read or B she just wanted to type so fast and f**k the proofreading and type out my report and the get the f**k out of my office. Another thing is I tried my best to make this readable as when I copy and pasted this report either A browser error that I'm using or B maybe that's how things are formatted on a PDF file transferred on an about me page and things happen like that but idk. But I made a caring effort to make things readable. Also for the Depressive Symptomatology test if you want to see what questions Tri County was asking me I can pull up the PDF file on my laptop and take photos for you of the questions the doctor asked and I can send by Email. Discord. Snapchat and Instagram if you're curious. As for some reason none of the black circled dots are picked up at all. If you also need proof I was emailed by Tri County I can send that to as well.

Tri-County MHMR Services DIAGNOSTIC REVIEW FORM AXIS I: Clinical Disorders and Other Conditions That May Be a Focus of Clinical Attention ID Description Priority Begin Date End Date

MAJ DEP. D/O RECURR SEV W/O 1 10/10/2017


299.80 ASPERGER'S PDD, RETT'S D/O 3 06/10/2008

10/10/17 Ind meets the criteria for MDD and PTSD. Asperger's dx was from previous assesssment when inwas a child. Problems maintaining at school, at home and socially. PDD DX provided Dr Gaines

Which of the above three is the primary axis? 1 AXIS IV:

Psychosocial and Environmental Problems ID Description Priority Begin Date End Date

Economic Problems 1 10/10/2017

Primary Support Group 2 10/10/2017

Prob w/Access to Health Care 3 10/10/2017

Occupational Problems 4 10/10/2017

Tri-County MHMR Services DIAGNOSIS: MR SUPPLEMENT Current Adaptive Behavioral Level: Zero One Two Three Four Potential Adaptive Behavioral Level: Zero One Two Three Four Adaptive Behavioral Level Date 10/17/2008 (I checked number one) which is Borderline Adaptive Behavior Disorder. Just doesn't show here because I guess copy and paste isn't picking up on the dotted circle that was selected as one

Also remember on my papers it says my MDD and PTSD is without w/o psychosis disorder

Diagnosis part two yes I know this is hard to read but I'm copy and pasting from the PDF file Tri-County MHMR Services

DIAGNOSTIC REVIEW FORM AXIS I: Clinical Disorders and Other Conditions That May Be a Focus of Clinical Attention ID Description Priority Begin Date End Date

MAJ DEP. D/O RECURR SEV W/O 1 10/10/2017




(Something to learn. I was told by Workforce and Tri County that now psychologist can't use the word borderline mentally retarded anymore. So now the word retarded is replaced with borderline intellectual disability or you can just say I.D.D. * as well as if you're wondering what a 504 plan is a 504 plan back in the old days were for mentally down or slow or mentally challenged students. Also I was told I can only understand 8th grade comprehension. I also failed the high school English test 4 times. In 8th grade I had to be bypassed in Math)

IQ Test Date 10/14/2020 IQ Test Type IQ: S-B

Chief Complaint: 10/13/17 24 y/o WF seen at TCBHC for initial psychiatric evaluation. Requesting medication services to treat her anxiety and depressed mood. Psychosocial: Unemployed. One Child. Shares custody of her child with her child's father . Mother was murdered in May of this year by her significant other. He is also deceased. Depression increased since her mother's death. Client states, `' I am here to get something for my PTSD.. I have these nightmares every night `'Diagnosed with ADHD as a child. Client was taking Adderall, Straterra in the past with poor results. Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at age 13 years old. History of previous mood disturbances.`' I was very moody growing up `' Denies engaging in self-harming behaviors, Denies previous suicide attempts. Denies previous inpatient hospitalization .Client presents today with complaints of Nightmares `' my dreams are about being chase `' PTSD related symptoms started a few months after incident . Reports exaggerated startle response `' I hate loud noises ..the other day when we went out to eat a plate dropped and I jumped. .'' Flashbacks, negative view of herself and others,'' I always have this self-hatred for myself `' irritability Feels tense`' on edge `' Intrusive thoughts, loss of interest, Avoidance behaviors. Psychological and physiological responses to triggers. Reports Sleep disturbances `' I try to go to sleep but I have this anxiety going on. `' Reports having Racing thoughts, physical restlessness, `' my attention is bad .'' Poor focus and concentration. Feeling down most days `' just think why do I deserve this..'' Low energy, difficulty performing daily task.. Appetite is poor. Denies losing weight. Denies previous history of eating disorders. However client is underweight. Endorses thoughts of feeling worthless, hopeless, guilt about her mother's death. Frequent thoughts about death. Anhedonia. Frequent crying spells `' its more of a rage type of cry. I get so aggravated about everything. `' repowers irritability and periods of heightened energy but symptoms do not last for several consecutive days. Days inflated self-esteem , decrease need for sleep and reckless behavior. Denies SI HI or A/V hallucination and I will say one thing about Tri County back in 2017 tried to put me on medication that INCREASED my nightmares as I read the side effects carefully what bull s**t and also this medication for insomnia was to increase my appetite what bull s**t that doctor was. She didn't; care bout my needs at all she only cared about what she wanted me to believe. Anyways she wanted to put me on Remeron at 15mg and I read the gigantic long list of side effects and I'm like seriously? Also some of the side effects are shocking and some really scared me. Also after reading this medication can make you aggressive to some people but yeah if you want to read the side effects of Remeron be prepared to be super shocked. However, speaking of aggressive behavior. That's what happened with the second ADHD meds that I was put on and started with an s THAT I was put on as a kid. What are you guys trying to do? f**k me up? Drug me? Also not the one that evaluated me in 2020 but in 2017 I had a doctor extremely rude as f**k. She thought I was anorexic and rolled her eyes at me when I told her I eat 3-4 times a day. Needless to say, the reports from 2017 I never went back because of the disrespect. Also the same lady told me to be thankful that you don't have a psychosis disorder with all these mental health issues you've. But trust me if I got the same lady in 2020 as I did in 2017 I would've requested for another person. I didn't find out till 2020 Tri County offered services for SSI and Workforce until I saw a pamphlet on one of their tables when I had to go back for something. The only thing wrong about my Tri County exam is they're not understanding about as I'm older now at 28 years old my hunger level decreased but my metabolism is still burning fat for an example Stouffer frozen dinner chicken alfredo pasta and I flings out the broccoli which has 540 calories. 31 grams of fat which is 40 percent of your daily intake and and saturated fat is 11 which is 55 percent of your daily intake and I don't gain weight if my sister ate this she would've gained 10 pounds. So for them to say I eat with personal effort is true because I eat when I'M HUNGRY or my VOID growls but the false part is my app is poor is false. For some reason I'm not hunger every 3-4 hours as I was in my 20's. Something is happing to my digestive track it has nothing to do with because I don't want to eat and not once have I ever thought in my life I don't want to eat the only time I never ate good is when I was in a lot of pain and felt really bad. Just a rude lady I got in 2017 but whatever lol. For an example back in my 20's I could eat 5 plates or a half and not gain weight and be hungry within a few hours. Now as I'm older in age I can only eat one and a half plates of food or two and and a half and still feel full till night time and not within a few hours. Also I eat pasta almost everyday and I eat high carbs that also doesn't make me gain weight. That is a digestive problem to me what that sounds like. That has nothing do with I don't want to eat. My digestive track has changed as I aged. So if you want to say do I believe my report to be true. Yes why of course just not the eating part. Also I eat the worse times of day maybe that's why my digestive track is messed up besides age. I eat around 2-3 P.M. Very rare do I wake up around 11 am or noon unless I'm required to be somewhere. Then I eat around 9:30 or 10 p.m. something then I eat before bed 3-4 A.M. I heard eating late at night is very very very very bad for you .-.

Just know I love food πŸ§‚ Just because my intake of food degreased with my age doesn't mean I hate food πŸ§‚ I just feel a lot fuller than normal. But come take a seat in Hell with me 🍽️ Oh I'm a very picky eater as well 🍽️

Trauma, Abuse, Neglect:10/13/17 Client presents today with complaints of Nightmares `' my dreams are about being chase `' PTSD related symptoms started a few months after incident . Reports exaggerated startle response `' I hate loud noises ..the other day when we went out to eat a plate dropped and I jumped. .'' Flashbacks, negative view of herself and others,'' I always have this self hatred for myself `' irritability Feels tense `' on edge `' Intrusive thoughts, loss of interest ,Avoidance behaviors. Psychological and physiological responses to triggers.10/10/17 Ind reports that an ex boyfriend was physically abusive. This is the boyfriend who killed ind's mother. Ind reports that she was in the house when her mother was killed. "I heard everything that happened." Reports that her ex boyfriend was killed by the police. Ind reports having vivid memories of the abuse, flashbacks, intrusive images, nightmares, exaggerated startle response, dissociation, hypervigilance, and avoids situations and people who reminded of the murder of her mother. "I am more alert and more anxious now. I am keeping an eye on things now."

Axis V: Global Assessment of Functioning (current GAF) 47

If you're wondering what a GAF scoring is I can tell you this what Google told me. GAF is to scale/rate the severity of the person's mental illness scale. If you want to know what my score is just type in Google GAF scale 47. Also before you Google because you think 47 is a high score and a GAF 47 seems like a good score. No mine was pretty bad. 47 isn't a good scoring. A normal GAF scaling would be 70 + which means psychological state with little to/no complication with school/work/family/social environment and behavior and isolation. So mine is a 47 which should tell you mine is below average with heavy complications in those field.

They also took a Depressive Symptomatology test on me and I scored TOTAL SCORE (Range 0-27) 16 so me scoring a 16 according to Google terms is 16-20 = Severe depression. How did the examiner score me 16? The examiner ask a series of Depressive questions hence the questionnaire sheet being called Depressive Symptomatology testing. The GAF score is a overall summary of evaluation of my whole exam then the person will rate my mental illness severity rate there.

And also the chart doesn't work on here when I copy and paste from PDF file because there are answers that are circled with a black dot on here that don't pick up on here but I've mild Insomnia as well many people disagree with me because I go to bed at 5:30 or 6 a.m. and wake up round 12:30-2:45 P.M. just varies. The doctors labeled me that because I'm low energy all during the day and I'm super awake and hyper at night and I've to take sleep aid to fall asleep. But I'm not going to argue about this though🚿

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🚿 I would rather chat on social media and I only own three.

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🍯 I tend to get along with people that seem to be more artsy and whimsy and has a sense of humor 🍿 I don't think I could talk to someone that is always so serious all the time πŸ₯§ I also love people that do any kind of art or anything like that because once every two months or something like that I like to support a small artist 🎏 Of course someone must like video games and can talk about that for hours duh 🎁 Someone that likes photography or tech savvy is cool πŸ› Must like animals and don't shop buy from an animal shelter and rescue a pet ⏳ Someone that likes literature that would be cool as well and if you're a blacksmith or a jewelry maker I wanna see what you can do ⛏

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πŸŽ€ This next tab after this sentence is all this stuff is suppose to be read on your own free time!

πŸŽ€ I know what you're thinking. You're sharing this much personal information about your past life and current life status now? Yes 🎩 I got nothing and I mean absolutely zero about hiding anything from any of you users interested in chatting with me etc. Ask for this blog and this blog link is on my profile picture here 🚿 You must click on my profile picture to upload the albums and then click on the main picture and look at profile comments 🚿

πŸŽ€ Monster and Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto also changed my life.

πŸŽ€ My spiritual wrings. Just a quick sample.

My home is Neptune

My heart soared in Jupiter

My mind is Saturn

Even though he was gone from here or yester-year I thought could the wolf grow fangs of darkness and the light? But even so he would remain the darkness that cloaked the midnight. But I even thought of yester-year I would if I could hold the knife up to you and combat you and call that love? But you see I always hold the knife to myself and I held the knife at myself but I really held the knife to the demon's beast mask. Because self liberation is the one of self goals just like the chessman you see. I wonder how many times I see myself on a throne with closed eyes dreaming of paradise and you mother. But the way I destroy myself and others is just like a pile underneath me. I'm self obsessed with myself and destroying myself. It's beautiful and I can't deny anything because I've yet to refuse self denial of one's existence but you see like the chessman says ''I can't lose I must empress the Queen even if she needs to be used'' because that is just reality dumping pawns right before the very feet of the King and perhaps the Queen steps on the pawns. But the rook you see the hidden archer but do I self target others that are close friends or a lover of mine? Or do I self target myself liberation? I can't help but to see the end without you. Toxic miasmatic love. The enthralling way of enchantment for me. Just like the spine of the bishop the most important one that should be kept true ''hidden on the bishop's blade'' because that blade is me and I hide myself with that blade. A damned snake he told me if I could hear one more thing in life is the eaten roots of the Yggdrasil Tree the screams and the roar of the serpentine. Because you see water is where I thrive where the raven drowns the feathers in a fragile state and all all I can think about is pulling out the rook in the drowned feather's of the magi's crest the ''raven'' the last of the falling eyes of the rain and the shore as the wolf jaws open and the half grown serpentine's tongue. As I hold the rook with my paws I stare at a gaze and hoping the mother snake will notice me. You see I don't care because all I want is a checkmate for myself but I understand in life I want to be drowned in you and consumed in alchemy. But you see it's just like a white hare anything can be stained ''black'' even if life isn't beautiful to me but you see what is beautiful to me is pawns just like small daggers always being held behind and twisted and holding the knife close to someone. I see myself as a unit as I always have. Self combating. That combat is destroying myself but you see mother what if I hit checkmate last? Then the bishop falls on the Yggdrasil Tree branch....fragile self and arms and spider like fingers the drowned raven looks at the Yggdrasil Tree. I'll turn you black just like my hue is black but perhaps.....checkmate isn't for certain....

🌲 So he says you damn snake the snake tongue and the wolf skull, wondering Rabbit in the evergreen forest full of smell of Juniper, the golden weaver orb fell from the trees and the cracks of the spider masked showed, there she was formed by the Black Water and for she was covered in black ooze. The hare ran in fear, for the hare started to change into black. As he formed in a water morph he stood there in the shrine next to the wheelhouse above the waterfall where Rabbit's shrine resided. He stood there waiting for his friend at the Waterfall Shrine. Having fond memories of teaching her water alchemy. For he the Rabbit transformed into a man in front of her with very long black hair sitting in the shrine. However a vision of the Abyssal showing in her beast slits that something was amidst from far North of the mountains as his father’s shrine burned down. In a rage she asked someone to hang all the wronged judged burned at the stake for she returned to Hell and her empty throne was there the King’s Robes Beelzebub covered the empty throne as Bel held the bestial cards in rage for harming her friend the Rabbit for she ran to the West feared of the East gates of Hell she shouted a auratic burst from the high clock tower of Hell. There she handed him a demonius fruit apple as he was her friend as many animals were close to him. I looked at his head full of curved horns and two heads of animals and he grinned at me with very razor sharp fangs. You defended my homeland and rebuilt my temple with the enchantments of the Abyssal. Your offer is my protection from those nasty reptilians. You owe me not only your life in Hell but all I ask is for you to run free with β€œSPIDER”

β–½ People live in a sin called vanity. Self obsessed over looks and what someone looks like. But that's when you know you're fragile yourself. Preying on the weak and those that seem weak like yourself. You think looks are the reason why you chat with someone. Which you fail to understand looks can easily be shattered. You also fail too see like me with these wolven eyes of mine that the best torture you can do someone is shatter their self image and watch their pysche crack and their vessel ''burst open'' how beatufuil. What should matter most is ideals and the will of the true wolves and Loki and ''OTHERS.'' But it also doesn't matter what size the wolf is. As well as even if you're a small wolf or a little wolf or a small wolf mother as long as your ideals are recognized by Loki and keep his will close to you and your heart making your heart and will intact with purity then all isn't lost. Nothing but cornered rats. Wouldn't matter if I was a wet little wolf mother looking at the storm and sea the last thought I would have is of ''YOU.'' and Loki's will and feeling of Loki's only daughter the only thing I could think about if I was a ''wet little wolf mother'' that Loki can carry me and I can only see the blur of the seaside. Not only that even if I was a cornered little wolf mother with a dagger held up like one of those ''cornered rats'' I would still hold on to his will and his ideals as one. Opening the beast slits to black with shards of yellow, if I had a secondary in the wet cold shores I would hope the olden wolf would be there so I can crawl in his fur and go into dream city. Ah yes a dreaming wet little wolf shaking cold ''fragile'' the ''prey'' but yet the wolf sees all and even hears the eaten roots of Yggdrasil and the shores of home of serpentine son of Loki. Water is part of what is ''I' β–½



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