36 - Bi

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa , South Africa

Sep 26, 2022 21:18

My name is Charl. But you can call me on my second name that is much easier to pronounce. which is Devin. I am a 1986 baby coloured/mixed race. And yes I may look like a black guy but I am 100% coloured/mixed race. I am in a wheelchair♿ and yes I am fully functional. Meaning I have total feelings going through my entire body, and yes I am able to have s*x like any other guy (I'm sorry for the waaaaay TMI). I live in (unfortunately not alone) Johannesburg South Africa.

In general I am a very shy person especially when meeting new people face to face, but I am also a open and honest kind of guy as you saw above, yes me being in a wheelchair has put many potential/possible partners (yes men and women, which I am ashamed to say that I am bisexual) off for many years now, which I don't understand why because I am just like any other guy just that in my case I am in a wheelchair.

I am not working anymore since mid 2008 due to a back operation I had that unfortunately forced me to stop working for the rest of life, for which I was born disabled but using a wheelchair since I was 7yrs old. So just to put your mind at ease, I am definitely not here looking for a handout/money please know and fully understand that. I am here looking for a lady my possible life partner (40yrs and older of any race) that will help and teach about the Gothic lifestyle, if I can call it that without disrespecting anyone, but more importantly that she will hopefully give me a chance by loving and caring for me (also looking waaaaay past me being in a wheelchair) the same way that I definitely will respect love and care for her, which her joy and happiness is my first and only priority at all times no matter what.

If there is anything else that you would like to ask me no matter how personal it may, pleassssssss don't ever ever be afraid to ask me. I do hope that I hear from you soon...