31 - Straight

Rehovot, Israel

Jul 27, 2021 07:11

"You can't be completely in love with a Dragon and expect anything to be normal." - Julie Kagawa

Dear beautiful soul,

I do not know what to say about myself. The more I explore and unwrap the veils and mysteries of life, the more do I realize that I know absolutely nothing about anything, including myself. Like a perpetual cosmic fall from grace into the darkest and furthest abyss. With that said, something in me, so fiery, so passionate, so intense, such an undying force invigorates me to shine brighter than the brightest star, to burn higher than the wildest flame, and to finally quench my thirst for ultimate Love, and infinite Power.

Despite not knowing what to write about myself, I can write entire comprehensive and complex Encyclopedias, Volumes, Tomes, and Grimoires about what I consider as my self but it never truly is my self since if it was, I would have stopped the search, stopped the Journey. But just like Icarus, I keep falling to the ocean and my wings are burned, as my destination is denied by the gods at this stage. Just like Lucifer, I am fallen from Grace, and despite my loving noble heart, and the purity of my soul, people keep seeing me as an enemy, as a monster, as someone to avoid and lock eternally in the dark dungeons of their minds.

This profile is constantly updated, furnished, sculptured, like a statue that slowly turns into Marvel. And one day, it will reach your eyes beautiful soul, the most beautiful of them all. For one thing, I know for sure. We are one and the same. One soul - Two bodies. Quantum Entanglement on a soul level. How beautiful is that? How scary is it that we mirror the darkest wounds and traumas to each other as well as shine the brightest light and love to each other? + and -, Yin and Yang, Darkness, and Light. So just lay your head on my chest one more time, this time forever, feel the pulse of my heart, the waves of breath into my lungs, gaze into my eyes with the highest admiration and Love, do you finally see that which you have been searching all along? That which was always there for you yet you never recognized?


"A Dragon's heart burns fiercely, even in the face of evil." - S.G Rogers

I am Fire made flesh! A Warrior in heart and a Dragon in the soul. Not here to present any perfect image. Wounded like everybody else. Never ceasing to fight, and to burn. Constantly seeking to become the very best version of myself. Uttermost power, passion, and True Love.

Musician, author, and poet. Unstoppable. Romantic, loyal, courageous and strong, respectful, honorable, authentic, fiery, and passionate. Highly-Sensitive - a blessing and a curse.

Sun - Gemini | Moon - Scorpio | Mercury - Gemini | Venus - Taurus | Mars - Aries | Jupiter - Gemini | Saturn - Sagittarius | Neptune - Sagittarius | Uranus - Sagittarius | Pluto - Libra | Chiron - Gemini | Black Moon Lilith - Scorpio

INTJ-A | Enneagram Type 4

I am interested in a monogamous relationship based on a deep soulbond, a sacred matrimony. Where both of us are lovers and fighters. Fight for each other. A relationship based on trust, honesty, friendship, honor, respect, Love, loyalty, caring, strength, empathy, sympathy, understanding each others pains and wounds and mending them no matter how much the healing process hurts. I seek to merge into oneness from two bodies.

I do not seek the perfect woman. Such woman does not exist. I seek the woman who is perfect for me. Who loves, honors and trusts me just as I her.

Sometimes we might hurt each other in our unconscious journey towards self-realization, but as long as the Love between us is pure, even the hardest battles will end with the most sacred of loving between our hearts, and souls.

Someone who understands that True Love becomes what it truly is not from the first moment but from building it from the first moment brick by brick, with all the struggles of time, space, distance, differences, with lots of sweat, pain, but also with a vision accompanied with eternal love to make it happen one glorious day. And then after all the dedication, hard work and love, we can lay embraced on the golden leaves of our hard earned paradise.

Just seeking my sacred treasure, my woman, my beloved. To love and be loved. Let's accept each other fully. Let's open our hearts with the warmest love to understand each other's pain and suffering so that we can heal it and finally be peacefully in love.