48 - Straight

crete, Greece

Aug 6, 2023 01:28

I am Jim from Crete and i am playing(vocals,lyrics,drum programming,samples) in the known dark electro/industrial band PREEMPTIVE STRIKE 0.1.We have numerous releases (infacted,metropolis,cop inc,DWA) and have played many gigs abroad including W.G.T.Industrial Music is my life as i have besides my band a huge collection of vinyls and cds of this genre.I like going to the gym and i have a very well shaped body.I am not a smoker,as well.I like going to the cinema and reading books (mainly sci-fi and horror).I am working to the greek public as teacher.I prefer ethnic cousine(chinese,indian,mexican,sushi) and i love good food in general!I am going to the clubs,events,gigs,festivals as much as possible.
I would like to meet an alternative girl,that belongs to the dark scene(industrial,EBM,dark electro,gothic rock or metal).I am tired to see ''normal'' girls in my town or in Crete and Greece in general.I am searching for a serius relationship.The distance is not a problem.That is the reason airpIane exists !! I am sure that i could offer her many things .My dream is to going together in such kind of events,gigs,festivals in Greece or abroad or better follow me to the gigs of my band.The PANDEMIC is over:NEW GIGS IN THE HORIZON!