31 - Straight

Esfahan, Iran

Jul 3, 2022 03:09

If you are from another country,
* I have no problem to relocate to you, for the right person in my life, but I have to think of finding a job position over there first, or grad school to attend, and to get ACQUANINTED with you a little bit first over here.

* I can easily get adapted with your plans and activities as I have always have sth to learn from you. Learning a new language and studying your culture takes years, even lasts a decade to master it!
Learning some other languages has a good impact on my engineering profession!
However, local girls are always in ACCESS, but also understanding each other is LOT EASIER. Maybe everything and everyone is perfect from a different aspect.

I cannot say I'm a bookworm, nor everything can be found in books. I can learn something from anybody. This is a very interesting experience especially if you don't expect it. I always try to find a way to involve in some activities of my partner's interest to spend an ample amount of time with her.

To enlist my main characteristic points:

I am
- okay with being friend or even more
- very flexible with women (their conditions, requests)
- a beta male (from physical appearance point of view) and a little bit short among boys, 5.4 (166 cm), but taller than most of girls around (that is why most of women do not mind my height)!!!
- not a big fan, however open-minded regarding both dominating or being dominated (as much as not putting my life or hers in danger)