𝓂ᵃ𝓛Ҝ𝔦𝐬𝔱ᗝ卩Hє𝓛𝔼𝕊 1.3.8™

39 - Straight

Kekistan, Australia

May 17, 2022 00:39

Its really someone else this time, the original owner of the Malkieavellian™ cannot receive your calls due to a temporal dissonance created by his very own belief he doesn't exist.

This time its not quite the same, it is still the same thing, but in a slightly varied format. The idea being it makes no difference, and even in reading this you gained nothing but wasting my time and yours.

If all else fails, i hope you find this amusing, if not vapid and derivative of the amazing creature that the malkavian mass of mittens can portend to.

But really its nothing but an act, i am not real, the person i put forth is but a screen play, and you're all performers seeking my grace.
Wait do you mean to say this isn't real? Or merely it is? But the motions aren't?

"trying to think of a funny thing to put here, will get to later"

PS: Dear frazza, if you're reading this it means you looked at my profile again and you're leaving your chad of a man for me and this is a binding contract, which is hawt cause i said so.