25 - Bi

Montréal, Canada

Aug 17, 2022 09:49

"Looking for friendship

Available for more or less than that.

I am an Introverted Extrovert, and or an Extroverted Introvert. It depends on the day.

Gemini till I die, and I carry that huge: "I'm my favourite person" energy

I'm not exactly alt myself however I'm enamoured with everything about it.

My style is of the anime-protagonist kind

I'm friendly but fierce, Love myself and never compromise who I am for anyone!

Discord date? Let's get to know each other " ~ Past Samson 2021

We are ever changing, ever learning forever evolving. I mean to update this bio I just haven't given it the time. but yeah most of that is still ohkay and relevant to who I am, however there are a couple of things I'll add and remove... when? I honestly have no Idea ~ Present Samson 2022