27 - Straight

Tojo Clan, Japan

Feb 22, 2021 21:41

Trying to bring back the scene here. If you smoke weed I will have to trust you first as I've had countless of relationships and friendships ruined because of weed. Also no not because of me what the person did to me and said to me while doing weed. I've had personal problems.

Favorite Pokemon types are

Pokemon types are Water. Ice. Dragon. Ghost. Poison and Bug. You can even get a different Pokemon that's not on my wish list and I still would be happy I love Pokemon!

Also looking for Zoroark plushies and Zorua plus figures and I would want a surprise so not listing plushies here and I don't have any and don't plan on buying any plushies anytime soon anyways LOL

Favorite Pokemon trainers and merch you can buy N or Grimsley. I would love a Grimsley card!

Looking for Halloween plush of Lucario and looking a Pokemon Center Entei

Servine and Snivy figure

Pikachu shirts looking for ones that are black but with neon or bold prints plus looking for a gray one with a angry or many facial expressions of Pikachu these are the main colors I want if the shirt was white I would love bold and bright colors on the fabric etc and also looking for on Pokemon Center Exploring with Evee and Mew Mythical Mana and looking for vintage Raichu items as well

Looking for Pokemon Eevee and friends dreaming and I like any Pokemon that’s in a sleeping pose. Also looking for random figures of Tyrunt and Beedrill and Lugia and Spearow and Mienshao and Bouffalant and Teddiursa and Rockruff and Mothim and Scyther and Dialga and Bisharp and Kyogre. Also looking for Pokemon themed DS stylus and also the Black and White kit etc. Looking for Pokemon Center Vaporeon aqua rinig figure and Vulpix fire spin figure from Pokemon center as well

Looking for more of the Electric Rock by Pokemon Center and Pokemon Pikachu Plush Cyrus and Ghetsis and looking for the Pokemon Center Jolteon Discharge figure. Looking for any Kyurem figure. Looking for any type of Mespirt card or plush and also looking for a Murkrow plush.