23 - Straight

Muscat, Oman

Apr 18, 2021 16:25

Multiracial, hybrid? animal lover, good cook, sporty, body of a model, kind hearted soul, your typical timid shy type of girl maybe not so typical nowadays but don't worry i can be bubbly too.. Also bitter in truth i speak as well so many of u will encounter that from me.

I love rock&metal music in general also R&B, dancehall music and many more.

The things i hate are anime fans and excessive gamers (those stuff are supposed be made for kids only...right?)

Just looking for good friends nothing serious... and by nothing i mean serious conversations with like minded people not f*cking! 🙂

*Note: Some people say "Omen", "Oh man", "Amman" just to throw a little joke there 🤭 maybe where i live sounds unrealistic to most of y'all but i'm real and that's my country!