21 - Straight

ล‚รณdzkie, Poland

Apr 13, 2021 18:27

My name is Patrycja I am Fine Arts' student, feminist and bookworm who love drinking tea.I am an introvert and depending on whether we have the same vibe, full opening may take a while, but it's worth the wait (apparently).
I'm mainly here to have nice and interesting conversations and have contact with other people. It's always nice to learn something new . Am I looking for something more serious? I don't know, I don't deny it, but I don't confirm it either. That's a bit of a rough deal.
But I would like to develop a friendship first if anything were to happen.
Asexual (or demisexual)- still trying to figure this out

How best to describe me: I look like I want to kill you but I am a cinnamon roll inside. ( my best friend words) I still deny it ๐Ÿง›โ€โ™€๏ธ
Also I like: tattoo (someday I will decide what i want), piercing, art in general, forensic /physical anthropology, the witcher (game and books), books, tea.

I don't like taking pictures of myself, so I hope you will appreciate that there are quite a lot of them here as for me. (I'm trying to break it down in myself because my best friends don't have any photo of me with them and they remind me of it often ๐Ÿ˜…)

If you would like to see my sketches , my ig- @kissofmidas

-I'm not interested in small talk
-And pls don't send a friend request without writing a message first
-Please don't call me pet names, it's making me uncomfortable.
-flirting usually goes right over my head( I'm serious ), or it makes me uncomfortable. (mostly because I don't know how it works)
-if you don't have a profile picture, I won't write back / and also when your profile is only one sentence long (this rule can be bypassed if you start a conversation in an interesting way, I will never write first to such people)