30 - Straight

Esfahan, Iran

May 14, 2021 15:48

If you are from another country, I am also happy to be of help. I have no problem to relocate to you (as men can be that much nice for some ladies), but I have to think of finding a job position first, or grad school to attend somewhere in your neighborhood, and more importantly, to get acquainted with you a little bit first.

In my experience, I think ladies mostly do not make the first move over social networks, unless being drunk, or seeking for help (among whom some, even if not all. turned out to be scammers).

I am
- 30 years old.
- okay with being friend or even more
- very flexible with women (their conditions, requests)
- even a beta male (from physical appearance point of view) and a little bit short among boys, 5.4 (166 cm).
- not a big fan, but open-minded regarding both dominating and being dominated (as much as not putting my life or hers in danger)

- an engineer, and also a bookworm.
- Interested in movies
- Interested in video games (but limited, however, it also depends on my future partner how much to get involved)
- interested in music, concerts (but limited, unless in case I want to dedicate some time to my partner)
- also interested in lots of activities, especially those from which I can learn something, they should also be entertaining simultaneously. - I always try to involve in some activities of my partner's interest to spend an ample amount of time with her. Life is too short not to be after lots of fun. Besides that, my personal experience is that I can learn something almost from anybody and anything. This is a very interesting experience especially if you don't expect it.