32 - Straight

Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Jun 13, 2021 16:30

New here, website taking too long to approve my photos. You can check my instagram: diaryofseresha
for pictures☄
My snapchat: diaryofseresha

What am I looking for in my romantic prospect?:

Attracted to highly intelligent guys with long hair, androgynous appearance, having a sophistiscated sense of style. [If by any chance you happen to look like Michael Langdon from American Horror Story, I will happily kidnap you to make you mine]. Won't mind my man wearing makeup or dressingup unique. Androgynous but at the sametime masculine. I prefer quiet guys, who don't talk much but when they do talk,
are quite articulate/intelligent with their words and speech. I like being dominated in bed (not into macho/sadism/**** though), for some reason aggression turns me on.

The reason why am I still single?It is hard for me to be attracted to any guy in general. If a man looks a certain way that I prefer, he would tend to lack intelligence and level of maturity that I seek. If he has intelligence then he don't look like the way I want visually. For that reason I am still single and will only commit to the right man.

I don't do hookups, "Friends with benefits", short term flings or timepass. I know my time is precious and limited, prefer spending it wisely on only those people who see longterm future with me.

That does not mean, I am not open to friendships. I talk and connect with all types of people.

If I am interested in you, I'll take my time in getting to know you first. Which means I am not into doing fruitless "horny talks" during our early conversations. Men lack class these days, Reckless in their pursuits only wish to get in pants of someone without ever getting to know them first?. Can't relate sorry.

I am an Artist/Musician/Poet/Writer/Speaker. I like couture fashion, dark things, horror, talking about crime cases and meaningful things in life which can help inspire others to be better versions of themselves.

Pet Peeve: Boring, Intangible, Unintelligent, Sappy humans.

Weakness: Blondies with grey/blue eyes. Something about Blonde Cacausians with colored eyes can't resist. I find them too damn attractive

I don't consider myself goth or any of those labels. Just a romantic person at heart looking for my other half in a world full of saturated, shallow humans with no depth.

5'4 in height

Feel free to message me⚘

Leo. 10th august.