26 - Straight

Meath, Ireland

Oct 15, 2021 23:12

About me? Well s**t, I wish I knew. Still fully figuring that one out myself.

Sarcasm and dry humour is how I usually communicate. I try to pretend I'm an edgelord but in reality I'm a big softie. (don't tell anyone)

INTP (despite me not thinking much of the Myers Briggs personality test it seems to be important to some people, so there you go 😋)

Musically I tend to lean towards metal and synthwave. But I've got a pretty broad taste in music honestly, what I tend to avoid is usually what's played on the radio, funny coincidence that 🙃

Bit of a filthy weeb, I do I enjoy anime and games from glorious Nippon.

It can be hard to find personalities that click with me, I can get along with pretty much anyone on a surface level but surface level interaction isn't fulfilling in the slightest to me. The day to day small talk that tends to occupy most peoples conversations just don't interest me.

I guess in a roundabout way I'm saying I need someone to keep my brain engaged.

You read through this much? Yay, hurry up message me then! 😉😊

Something else, I'm a dom. I didn't used to advertise it, but I've learned for the sake of finding compatible matches it's better (and easier) in the long run to just know ahead of time for both parties. So naturally I'm only really interested in subs.