31 - Straight

Łódź, Poland

Dec 3, 2023 11:00

For friends only.

And all she ever wanted
Was for a soul to bend
Over her vast soul

And all she ever did
Was giving all
Which she never asked
To receive

Lost in this world
Like a moth, blinding light
Of too many people
And no direction
To go in

No constant and no orbit
For this comet made of ice
And so...
She needs a miracle



Half past me:

I'm looking to make friends here who would share with me the same passions, teach me new things and enjoy the existence as best as possible.

I've got many passions, originally I was a graphic designer. Then I had ten different professions. Currently I'm fixing software robots.

I used to sing and play my guitars, I understand six languages and can't stop learning them...

I'm looking for the depth in people. As being an extrovert I sometimes talk a lot, though I can listen carefully as well. I'm loyal and friendly, always helping people who are afraid to ask for help. If I put a smile on somebody's face it's a won day for me.

I love when people are able to challenge my mind and show me their deep and wonderful worlds... My world is vast, there's always there a place for enjoying the beauty, for empathy, for truth and love of life.

Don't be scared because of my straightforwardness - you'll always know my opinion if you ask.

Greetings from my four cats! Observing them is sometimes better than watching any kind of series.

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