19 - Straight

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Aug 2, 2021 17:05

Hello, my name's Georgi and I'm a high school student, currently studying programming (it is yet to be seen whether this will be too complicated for me, doing my best for now).
I am a metalhead who listens and loves all kinds of metal - my taste is basically all over the place and depends on my mood - at one moment, I would be listening to Evanescence, at another - Cradle of Filth. Plus I am always open to new genres and I have this kind of wish to have gone through every one of the more popular metal bands' discographies. I desperately need another metal nerd like me to exchange bands on a daily basis cuz I lost the friend I used to do this with...
Well, I guess I'm pretty nerdy - I also love reading - fantasy mostly, watching TV series (fantasy again). I am also a big horror freak (have been for a decade already).
No matter how much I tried to get away from it, I always return to gaming - I had even quit for almost two years at a time... but in the end, a classmate badly influenced me to get back to it aaaand here I am. At least nowadays, I manage my time better than before - I used to almost be an addict (I actually become an addict with any of my hobbies (or at least used to)... lmao. When I get into a reading mood, it would be the only thing I do all day long, topping some 100-150+ pages minimum).
Like almost everything else, my height is also average (or actually below average -_-) at some 1.73 m; typical brown eyes and hair.
I quite love my metal t-shirts collection, with 9 bands already, will be always adding more.
My humour has become progressively darker and more twisted with time but it's still manageable
I used to sing quite a bit but ever since I got into high school, I stopped.
Oh, and I kinda suck at taking pictures so yeah, don't mind this one.