39 - Straight

QC, Canada

Aug 20, 2022 19:09

[I'm Maude.]
[I'm a digital artist who specialize in book covers designs.]
[I don't have anything to prove, I know who I am and that's enough for me.]
[My mother language is French, deal with it.]
[S: Capricorn M: Scorpio R: Pisces.]
[I'm an eclectic listener.]
[I'm a hopeless dreamer.]
[I like to observe and analyze people.]
[I would like to meet interesting AND intelligent individuals, marginals, people who enjoy sharing their thoughts.]
[I ever loved arts in every ways.]

[Open Minded]

[+] Antiquities
[+] Arts
[+] Books
[+] Brilliant Minds
[+] Esoterism
[+] Gothic Aesthetic
[+] Gothic Culture
[+] Movies
[+] Music
[+] Occult
[+] Photography
[+] Salem
[+] Series
[+] Travels

I dislike:
[-]Being Stared at[-]
[-]Being Used[-]
[-]Closed Minds[-]