40 - Straight

San Jose, Costa Rica

Jul 3, 2020 08:23

I'm an anarchist at heart, my entire life I do the opposite of how someone is supposed to do things. TTM if you can relate to this way of living. Born and raised in Germany, accidentally ended up Central America. I like gigs, drinking Rum, Metal, HC Punk, I also like Raves and clubbing, I'm a gamer, Horde on Draka (ask me for my BT), I like Gym, Martial arts, beach and being a lazy f**k, I speak a handful of languages and learn Hindi. I hack stuff. I hate writing bios and TV. I'm older than my profile says, if you have a degree in computer science you might fathom why I'm doing this. Look at the pics, what you see is what you get. I'm a 6.3 ft tall Dragon, my element is wood, I'm an ENTJ / ENTP personality. I don't look for a gf at this point. I'm on Instagrief, but too lazy to take pics. Ask me anything.