26 - Straight

lochiel, Australia

Feb 20, 2020 02:53

I normally do send messages but lately everyone I talked to just disappears so it just feels off for me to send messages now. Sorry. If I have sent you a wink, I do want to chat though. Just I do not know what to say... Also recent eye appointment I find out my eye sight has gotten worse in less than 12 months. So that is a lovely feeling....

My name is Nicole, but I actually prefer Shantey Cat now(also Kitty). I ’am looking for a relationship. I’am also kind of a country girl, please don’t try and change it. I’am actually 172cm tall but it isn’t one of the available options so I chose the closest to it. I also have a disability which is called NF type 1 which is short for Neurofibromatosis type 1. That I have thousands of freckles (even under my arm) I have tumors, I have one called Plexiform neuroma in my left eye and I have no vision in that eye. My speech is sometimes hard to understand my words come out a bit wrong. I have a coffee colored spots on my skin called Café' o lait take a bit longer to learn things.
Some of my hobbies are that I love to go swimming, reading and writing, watching movies(horror is my main favourite),I love hanging with my friends and making cakes, Being with my family, listening to music and making movies for fun.
Some of my interests are that I am that well mostly same as above, I enjoy watching anime and reading manga. I also love ART! I even draw my own manga characters for fun. Having sleepovers with my friends and seeing my people from my family.
My favourite colours would be Lavender, Blue (mainly dark blue) and purple. I love all types of music (except Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black) but mostly Country.