104 - Straight

R'lyeh, France

Apr 14, 2024 01:50

Hello, I'm French !

I have two cute cats, I play on ps5. I love several kind of musics of the goth culture, plus some good old hard rock.

Socially awkward but very polite.

When I woke,
you were there
just like in my memories;
a being born of me,
of the ocean that moves
while I sleep.

You are the flame that flickers,
visible only
in the darkness,
in the secretive, isolated world
that men create.

An uncontrollable multiplication
of your image,
of the objects you loved;
the echo of your voice like a ball
rebounding on the walls.

The water swallows you then spits you out,
and on it you dance like a puppet,
your hair was nothing but seaweed,
you are no longer there,
there is nothing left.