18 - Bi

California, United States

Jan 28, 2022 04:34

Hello! My name is AJ. I'm a bit skittish at first but I can warm up to people easily.
Ask me anything!

Let me start off by saying, I know what it's like to have hard days, and I'm here for anyone who just needs someone to listen to them. Like it or not, life is full of rough days and no one can do it alone %100 of the time. I'm here for you.

Femdom, cross-dresser -I warned you. I also NEVER send n*des.
To further explain, I was (unfortunately) born a woman. I often dabble in crossdressing to seek comfort. I become confident when I cross-dress and it's more than just "fun" for me.
It is rather heartwarming to post my photos and get mistaken for a male, or be addressed with 'sir' or 'boy.' I don't have as deep of voice as I would like, but I have worked on lowering it for years and have gotten away with it.
I felt the need to clarify because as of recently I've had a few imbeciles spam my inbox without bothering to ask for details first. Kudos and a Thank You to those who actually asked about this rather than assume like nonsensical morons.

Rudolph Valentino enthusiast, I might even begin paying respects on the anniversary of his birthday.

AJ_Gluskin -Snapchat
AJ_sawyer -Instagram (or AJ_sawyer_) Some folks have trouble finding my account.

Looking for friends or something more. Honestly, if you've got a nice heart then I'm down to talk with you. After all, what else matters? No one lives forever, why waste your time being a prick?

- Long, long, LONG black/blonde hair and light blue eyes are the best combo.
Guys like that turn my head every single time. Guys who wear makeup in public or privately is also very attractive.

-I'm willing to chat with anyone on here really, unless I'm put off by a particular person. I never rush into a relationship however.

-Not looking to have children, get married, or much less date anyone that HAS kids. Not sorry.

-I don't trust any profiles that don't have pictures of faces on them.

-If you don't read my profile, then don't expect me to put much effort into our conversation.

Unfortunately, I do have anxiety. However, I tend to be alright after calming myself down. Everyone's got their own way of handling their stuff. I'm working on getting it together it's been ongoing for 5 years now. I hope to find someone patient, understanding, and someone who's willing to explore new things with me. I don't go to many concerts, but I'd be MORE than happy to attend a few with you.

Now, some personal info about me:

My ideal hangout: Going to a Mexican restaurant with my mother. Just her and myself alone, so that she can get to know me better.

Zodiac Sign: (as if anyone cares about this part lmao) Pisces.
Height: 5'3 (yeah I'm short.)
Weight: 165 lbs. (It's a comfortable topic for me, so I don't care who knows it.)
Favorite videogame genre: You kiddin' me? HORROR. I will have to say, top ones are; Outlast (+ the Whistleblower DLC), The Evil Within 1&2, and Until Dawn. I recommend playing them if ya haven't already. Good characters, storylines, AND some actions here and there.
Additionally, I have played the Batman Arkham series on the PS4. My favorite is either Arkham City or Arkham Knight. I can't decide between those two which I favor more.

Lately, I've been working on my PlayStation trophies, I have 1,427 total. 9 of those are platinum. (I know I know, not that exciting. But for me, I'm happy with it for now and will keep at it!!)

I am working on Red Dead 2, and Gravity Rush 1&2. I suggest checking those out if you want a taste of something different. I of course play GTA V a lot too as well as online. Sooo yeah hmu if you ever wanna posse up in Red Dead 2 or take a score in Los Santos.

I love horror flicks too, I can appreciate the classics as well as more modern-themed movies.
Ranging from "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Friday the 13th" to "Before I wake" and "Lights Out"
"When a stranger calls," "Psycho (1960)", "The Fly" "Cradle Of Fear" -all goodies.
I love watching movies about survival as well as disaster. For some reason, hearing about other people's near-death experiences interests me. Morbid curiosity plagues us all. *le shrug*
I do enjoy Western movies as well, my grandmother Mary and I share this about ourselves. RIP.

Tats? None yet, but I plan to get a few in the future. Probably full sleeves, a tummy tat, a few on my back and a couple small ones on my leg here and there. I don't plan to go crazy with them but I do want to show off a decent amount of ink.

Do I watch anime? Yep. Sure do. Black Butler and Naruto were among the first few I've ever watched. Naruto is still a personal favorite and I'll probably have to re-watch it again soon. Prison School was another good one, full of funny moments.

Favorite animal/pet: I'm a cat lover for sure. Dogs are awesome but I've always favored the fluffy furballs known as kitties. Something about their attitude just fascinates me. I suppose they've mastered the art of not giving a single f**k about anyone or anything except food.

Dark humor is the best humor.

Favorite physical feature about myself: My moles. Not sure why just like the way they compliment my appearance.
Favorite character feature about myself: My heart. I've got a good one.
Least favorite character feature about myself: My temper. I've gotten better with it over the years, I don't let it control me anymore.

Favorite Quote: "Be who you want to be. f**k whoever has a problem." -Chris Motionless.

Religious? Nope.

Pet peeves? Everyone knows those types of people who try to talk down on you or judge you after meeting you 5 minutes ago, despite not knowing a single fact about your life. Hell sometimes they judge you based on how you look.

I do enjoy watching people do freaky things. Now before you go thinking the wrong thing, I meant stuff like sword swallowing, testing the body's limits, people testing their pain tolerance levels, etc. I admire Auzzy Blood and Morgue for this sort of stuff. Not for the faint of heart.

I fancy riddles and will sometimes test my friends by making some up on the spot. It's always amusing to watch them struggle to figure it out.

Word Search is my favorite quiet past time.

I love sleeping, but I don't think that counts as a hobby. Cooking sure is fun though, and I'm down to teach some new folk a recipe or two.

I will add that my favorite exotic pets would be fennec foxes, and bats. Hats off to that couple that owns a cougar lmao.

Favorite Drink: probably iced coffee. If you add boba to it it's even better.

Random Fact: I'm a very open-minded person as well as very accepting.

The actor who played "The Joker" best: Heath Ledger.
My top 3 favorite actors are Robert Knepper, Silas Weir Mitchell, and Michael Emerson.

Current favorite tv show: Gotham. But watching crime shows is also hella fun.

Hobbies? If I'm not gaming, then I'm probably cosplaying. I write a lot of fanfictions and stories for a few friends. I can see myself as being some kind of movie director in the future if I ever get serious and start writing a script.

A typical day for me is waking up at the ass-crack of dawn and taking a shower, then grabbing a cup of coffee before the sun comes up.

No, I don't usually swear unless it's just a s**tty day for me.

Languages I speak: English, Spanish, a bit of Italian and I'm learning Japanese, I would also like to begin learning German.

I've always wanted to visit Tokyo, Japan.

I think I've said enough, for now, I might add more soon. If you have any questions, just ask. Honestly, if you read all the way up to this point, you deserve a cookie. Catch ya later buddy, AJ out.

Remember that not everything is as it seems. Life is full of surprises.



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