18 - Bi

Chihuahua, Mexico

Feb 20, 2020 01:12

hello there.

i'm really bad at talking to people and i most likely won't message first, but if you wanna give it a go you're 100% welcome.

i have a cat named Archimedes (and i won't shut up about him if you give me even the smallest chance), a very lame sense of humor and way more free time than i'd wish.

not gonna lie i'm just trying to vibe over here but i'm already intimidated.

i'm pretty much a goth wannabe right now. i'm just getting into the culture and i'm still trying to learn about more music & stuff. i'd love to have someone to learn from, so if you're up to that it would be very much appreciated

i'm uhhh, a self-taught bilingual so, my english might not be the best sometimes & i may not understand some other things- don't be afraid to correct me!

my favorite tv show is probably South Park (and yeah, you guessed right, goth kids=best kids) aaand i'd say my favorite band at the moment is My Chemical Romance,,, oof. other than that, i've been listening quite a lot to Christian Death and The Cure.
... I like The Smiths but I hate Morrissey, no comments

i'm flat as f**k so if nothing above interested you, you still can use me as a stick to beat someone else up. the violence makes a statement.